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Dealing With Corona Using Biology Classes Knowledge

Biology has been of great help to me recently, especially in dealing with the current pandemic of the coronavirus. Biology has taught me how to protect myself within the laboratories and even outside. I have been able to deal with the virus by protecting myself through all possible ways, most of which I have learned from biology. Therefore, I have learned that I cannot fully estimate how it has been helpful during this period and is still functional. From the laboratories and my understanding of viruses and how they affect the human body to the basics about keeping oneself clean and avoiding contamination of any kind. From the research about different biological concepts and how they relate to human life to the different ways the body of a human person works and concentrates on the immune system. It also goes to the level of the surroundings and how life interacts with their environments, mainly focusing on human life.

In the laboratories of biology, I have learned how different organisms interact with the human body and other animal bodies and their effects. Through this, therefore, I can understand how a virus affects the human body, and I have taken the precautions necessary to make sure that the virus does not affect me significantly. Therefore biology classes have helped me so much. From the primary care of the human body and animals taught in class, I have been able to protect myself and protect those who have been close to me by educating them on the necessary things to do during this pandemic. I have protected even some of my friends who were at high risk of contracting the disease, like my friend who has been suffering from cardiomyopathy. This has all been due to the learned knowledge about viral diseases and how they get into the human body and their growth in the human body (Arunachalam et al., 2020).

From studying microbiology and biochemistry, I have fully understood how the virus defeats the human immune system and what to do when I experience the symptoms and the signs related to the disease. With all the knowledge, it becomes easier to deal with the disease.

The immune system of a human person is one of the main areas of concern and concentration when a person mentions the coronavirus. With the immune system strong enough, a person can defeat the disease through the immune system. However, if a person’s immune system is not strong enough, they are likely to contract the disease. This means that if a person’s immune system is not strong enough, it calls for ways to improve the immune system, like taking more vitamins and minerals. I have been doing precisely this, and I have encouraged so many other people who have been around me to eat healthily and therefore, it has been an excellent time for every person to eat healthily. From biology classes, I know that eating healthy is not just about defeating the disease but eating healthy is an essential part of remaining healthy throughout a person’s life (Humphrey, & Wiles, 2021).

The coronavirus is spread from one person to another through liquid particles; for example, if a person sneezes, it gives the person even more caution to stay away from concentrated areas and areas that might be risky for a person to contract the disease. Therefore I have refrained from going to public areas, and I have remained most of the time within my house to be free from the disease. This relates to what I have learned in biology in that some diseases, not just corona, are transferred through the same means. Therefore a person has to be very careful in interacting with other people. One of the most pleasing things about taking care of oneself and avoiding places where the disease might be is that a person prevents himself or herself from the disease only and other diseases prevalent within a large population (Leri, 2021).

The other thing learned in biology that has helped me a lot is the relationship between living organisms and animals to their surroundings. This, therefore, means that if the relationship between human beings and their surroundings is healthy, there is a very high chance that the disease will not adversely affect people. However, if the relationship between human beings and their environments is not healthy, human beings are likely affected by the disease. This explains the same issue that has caused the disease, which can be said to be unhealthy human relations to his environment.


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