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The author laments the mistake that was made by a salesman in a TV store, where their children used to visit often as they were captivated by the diversity of the gadgets. They once decided, with his wife, to visit the store to find out why exactly their children loved the place, and with the intention of buying a TV. Since the show they found out had no captions, they requested help from the salesman, who tried to help them, but in the process made a mistake of switching on to a movie that showed internet porn to in all the TV sets. The author wonders that, before the salesman could realize his mistake, he was very glad he helped them. In the piece, he notes that the salesman’s intention was to assist, but the mistake set in, in the process. For that reason, the author observes that there might not be enough reason to fire the salesman. The act, according to the author, attracted a good consumer base, especially amongst the age bracket of years 18-35.


It is unfortunate for the salesman that he made this blunder in an attempt to assist a concerned customer. Even though the piece raises a lot of suspense, I pity the poor salesman since he might have ended up being fired, although his intention was purely to help. Again, the buyer might have many questions unanswered. Could it be that his children love coming to the place because of such movies? I have enjoyed the first part where the salesman struggles to find a movie with captions, despite having been in the shop for some time, but the end of the piece leaves me worried about his fate.