Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Data visualization refers to the practice of presenting numeric data in graphical form. The goals are to present a simple, meaningful and lively way of displaying information. Data visualization is an effective tool that has a lot of potential uses in businesses, marketing and social media. Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle to design data visualizations so they can make sense and deliver the intended message in the right way.

Data visualization is becoming more prevalent as tools like Tableau have helped businesses visualize their data more effectively than ever before. The below infographic displays the benefits of data visualization and how they can help your business. Through data visualization, businesses can easily identify trends, patterns and otherwise abstract ideas. For example, a social network’s sign-up forms often contain fields that ask for information on age, gender and location. By graphing that data over time, a business could identify changes in the number of users at different age groups or compare their overall response to industry-wide trends.

Data visualization can also help guide businesses’ decisions by providing them with visual feedback on various metrics. With this data visualization, it’s easy to see patterns. Even with a large number of data points, it is easy to identify the most useful data. Designing effective data visualizations will likely take some practice, because it’s easy to make mistakes. However, the biggest issues businesses may encounter are the result of poor design — not poor information. Businesses may need a seasoned skillset and experience in order to effectively create good visualizations.

Trends in technology have contributed to more interest in data visualization over time as people experience gained access and ability to create more robust visualizations through online platforms such as Tableau and This wide access has improved reliability and quality for common users of data visualization.


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