Data Mining, Without Big Brother



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Data Mining, Without Big Brother

According to Schrank and Zarate of “The New York Times” in their article “Data Mining, Without Big Brother”, the government seems to overlook the issue of privacy rights due to insecurity concern. The issue of national security has prompted the U.S government to try to ensure proper security without considering the issue of privacy. To the government, the most important thing is the security of its people but not civil liberty as a way of reducing terrorism. Programs such as T.F.T.P, Swift have been able to show private information about money transfers from one person or account to the other.

Swift together with the government later thought it wise to limit accessibility of data for privacy purposes. Information could only be released if it was of a security concern but not for any other reason different from this. The program has been very effective in many European countries and it is now considered as one of the best ways of curbing insecurity. Although the program is very vital, privacy and confidentiality issues must be properly addressed by the government.