Data Collection Practice

Data Collection Practice

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Data Collection Practice

Data Collection Procedure

Primary data gathering would be the most suitable data collection method in the given case. It indicates that the manager must carry out a survey to acquire firsthand information concerning the customers’ preferences. Questionnaires will be used for data collection to obtain valid responses free from presumptions. Questionnaire forms will be distributed among organization customers with experience with can containers and bottles. Customers will be requested to complete the questionnaires and submit them to the department store within two weeks. The questionnaire will contain questions concerning their preferred options between the two.

The Level of Data Measurement

Nominal measurement is the most applicable data measurement level. This is because the employed data can be divided into two categories, thus, making it possible to classify it in the questionnaire. Matthews (2017) reveals that nominal data must be exhaustive and mutually exclusive. This implies that a researcher must be able to categorize the case appropriately, and each case can only be classified into a single category. Participants will be required to fill the information in a “no” or “yes” category. Also, the classification may take the form of “0” or “1,” where 0 will indicate that they prefer the can containers while 1 will indicate that they prefer drinking from bottles. Usually, nominal data measurement level allows researchers to assign values to variables so as to organize them into groups in a data set (Matthews, 2017)

The Nature of the Data

The collected data will be qualitative in nature. This is because the collected data will fall into categories, and categorical data is qualitative.


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