Dangerous processes that can occur from improper handling of oxidizers.

Question 3

An oxidizer is a chemical compound that reacts by removing electrons from other chemical compounds during a redox reaction.

Types of oxidizers found at home

Hydrogen peroxide.

Bleach (sodium hypochlorite)

Pool cleaners (chlorine and calcium hypochlorite)

Stump removers. (potassium nitrate).

Dangerous processes that can occur from improper handling of oxidizers.Formation of explosives and highly flammable mixtures

When oxidizers react with materials that are combustible, ignition may occur even without an immediate source of ignition. Oxidizers supply the flammable substances with oxygen making them to burn faster. These combustible materials include organic compounds and other oxidizable compounds.

Negative effects on health.

Some oxidizers are corrosive and can harm a person depending on contact level. All oxidizers when swallowed accidentally can be detrimental on a person’s health. Oxidizers like hydrogen peroxide can also corrode the skin and can cause temporary blindness when comes into contact with the eyes. Health effects of oxidizers largely depend on concentration and contact level.

Intensifying fires.

Oxidizers serve to increase fires by supplying oxygen to the fire.

Government policies and statutes/regulations.