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Customer Behavior in Energize Me CompanyThe purchase of a bottle of Energize Me can best be explained using the habitual decision making concept. Such a purchase often meets the criteria listed below:

Frequent purchasing

Low-Cost products

Familiar brand and product class

Low consumer involvement

Little time, thought, and search given to purchase

Purchases of Energize Me are characterized similarly. By extension, the purchasing process is less comprehensive than the purchase of a car or a TV set, for instance. However, consumers of Energize Me are affected in different ways. The need recognized by most consumers of Energize Me before making a purchase is energy boost. Young professionals, sportsmen and students all need an energy boost to improve their performance. The choice for Energize Me is a sudden one as soon as the purchaser is deficient of energy. However, in instances where purchaser is in a party and wishes to mix drinks, the need is preplanned.

Purchasers make the actual decision to purchase upon weighing all the information available. This process involves the comparison of prices of related drinks. They then choose the most appropriate product from the store shelves. Some drinks make special offers hence swaying purchasers. When a store has run out of Energize Me, purchasers tend to buy similar drinks with same taste as that of Energize Me. However, some purchasers will visit other retail outlets to find Energize Me.

Introduction and Mission Statement

Energize Me is a company registered in America. Its founder is an American by the name Timbulo. The inspiration that kept this American entrepreneur rolling was the experience he had with an English drink, which could bring back power to a person when exhausted. Timbulo made the same consideration when he established Energize Me. Initially, the drink was locally sold, but it later made way into other markets across the world. The shares in the company have increased drastically since it is among the most popular soft drinks in America.

Energize Me as an energy booster is distributed in close to seventy countries worldwide. Two billion cans were sold in the year 2012 alone. This is reason enough to believe the growing popularity of the brand. The product has rich energy content due to the high quantities of fructose, glucose and sucrose. Moreover, other nutrients such as caffeine and taurine are present. Most people mix the drink with alcoholic drinks. However, majority use it for boosting their physical strength. The product can raise a person’s metabolism for a short while. In line with its mission statement, the company is committed to the best standards that can give it an edge over competitors. The company executives and workers adhere to this goal at every stage of the production and distribution process.

Positioning Statement

Energize Me represents a totally new category of drinks, popularly known as the energy drinks. Within this emerging market of drinks, Energize Me is considered a premium to high margin brand product. Regarding price, Energize Me is in a position where it can dictate the price owing to the lack of a perfect match in the market. Energize Me is a unique drink that gives the consumer functional benefits that other brands do not such as revitalization of the body and muscle empowerment.

In the United States, Energize Me costs an average of $2 per bottle, which is substantially above the $1.5 set by competitor. This price variation is a sign of superiority of Energize Me and an indicator that no other drink can substitute it. Energize Me’s positioning policy stresses on premium product, price and profitability. These three pillars, executed every three months in rotation, help keep the standards of the drink high always. Staying on top of competitors and offering the best quality is enough to retain most customers and fetch new ones.

Marketing Strategy

Energize Me capitalizes on all media channels to market the brand. Precisely, the television, radio, cinema, internet and press all form part of the marketing channels. The company is rooted to the media as the primary basis of reaching its target market. The company advertises on popular TV shows and health magazines. This diversification of marketing has proven quite successful. Consumers are able to identify with the product as they enjoy other media benefits. The humorous cartoon campaigns have often proven captivating to young people. Young people believe that they can face any situation after imbibing a couple of sips of Energize Me. The use of cartoons is due to the ease of interpretation and understanding of the embodied message. Consumers not only enjoy the campaigns but also remember details of the product such as content, quantity, size and shape by having the cartoon picture in mind. These outcomes are what define a successful campaign.

The marketing strategy is executed in two phases. Phase 1 utilizes online campaigns involving Facebook, Tweeter, Website and YouTube among others. The bulk of consumers are in social networks. The interactions will be in various forms, including games and question-answer moments. Winners will be awarded prizes in monetary form and in kind. Phase 2 will involve television campaign. This phase will be easier because consumers are already tuned to the viral campaign online hence will identify with the TV ad very fast.

Branding Strategy

The branding strategy will take two forms:

Sports and event sponsoring


Sponsoring events will improve the company image and make the brand visible. Sports activities organized by Energize Me will help reach out a huge number of target markets. The logo will always appear in sponsored events. Players will be given uniforms labeled Energize Me. The company will create its own events. Sponsoring events has little catch on brand development.

The brand name will remain “Energize Me”

The company logo will be as follows:

The company slogan will be “Energize Me, With You Every Step of the Way.”

The company will introduce an umbrella extension called “Energize Me Umbarelo” to help popularize the brand during rainy seasons and to offer shades in outdoor events and retailing.

Feasibility Study

Research shows that soft drinks are increasingly in demand across the world. The fact that the drinks are carbonated hence can stay for long without getting bad is an added advantage to soft drinks. More sales are projected in the near future due to the shortage of supply. Producers of soft drinks are fewer than can meet global demand. However, new entrants will appear in the future to fill the gap currently witnessed. These market studies only point towards the growth of soft drinks. There is little fear that the market for soft drinks will decline. Energize Me, therefore, has a huge potential to exploit the market at least for now that the supply is low.


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