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Curriculum Summary

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Curriculum Summary

Summarizing the curriculum entails taking the appropriate initiative of examining the curriculum content and describing the critique of the study disciplines. It also involves highlighting the intellectual history in detail in steps. The immediate step of recalling the intellectual history entails figuring out all the courses done in a semester. After highlighting the course, determine the areas of strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, make a future prediction based on the context of each study course. Finally, design a summary that describes all the courses.

Courses we have done this semester include the introduction to conflict resolution, introduction to humanity, and public speaking. Amongst the three courses, the introduction to conflict resolution and introduction to humanity was more attractive because of their in-depth explanation of human nature and the need to solve the challenges affecting humanity. However, the course introduction to conflict resolution created fear in me due to the exhibition of the historical conflict that led to extreme bloodshed that led to my lack of understanding of some relevant concepts. Also, humans tend to live like social animals, but sometimes, the course of introduction to humanity fails to address the initiatives of mitigating the detriment affecting humanity, especially in school surroundings. Moreover, public speaking as a course provides an in-depth examination of non-verbal cues in communication and the need for an individual student to express himself for sound speech delivery.