Current events and U.S. Diplomacy

Current events and US diplomacy:







The fight for power during the adaptation of the forms of social leadership has been ongoing for a long time. Influential leaders seek to expand their territory through the colonization of their neighboring countries. Colonization is defined as having control of a country in all aspects of life. This involves imposing ideological theories that change the dynamics of the new country. This form of dominion took turn in the 1930s. Countries resulted in using a new form of colonization. This consisted of passing of ideologies such as capitalism and socialism. The key players that were responsible for spreading these ideologies were the Russia and the United States. Russia was a communist state that supported the socialism. The United States on the other hand supported democracy (Busch, 2001).

The purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis of the current events and us diplomacy. The paper looks at the events that led to the creation of diplomacy between different countries. This is seen through the study of the cold war. The paper looks at several subheadings that summarize the entire topic at hand. The paper further provides a concluding sentence which talks on the way forward.

Events that led to the Cold War concerning the United States and the USSR

Socialism embraces the notion of a one party state. This limits the rights and privileges of the citizens in that all government has full authority of the country. Another significant factor to note is the economic situation is a communist state. Individuals are not allowed to acquire a substantial amount of wealth. All members are supposed to work for the common good of the country as opposed to individual needs. Democracy on the other hand involves encouraging the existence of multiparty states. Multiparty states allows for the democracy to prevail due to the alternative parties. The states allow for the existence of a free market which in turn encourages investment. Democratic states recognize the rights of their citizens and focus on improving the livelihood of individuals. The difference of social systems thus created conflict between the two sides. Countries were forced to choose between the two creating two conflicting blocks (Cowley, 2006).

One of the direct results of these systems was the existence of the first and Second World War. These occurrences resulted in the loss of lives of more than 20 million people across the globe. To avoid a repeat of the events, the Unites States, under the leadership of President Reagan formed Doctrines to control the situation. The doctrine involved the supervision of countries that had earlier placed emphasis on the investment of nuclear weapons. This would reduce the rate of insecurity in on an international scale. The doctrine applied to all sovereign countries thus returning the dignity of all the countries (Young, & Kent, 2004).

Current relationship between the United States and the USSR

The relationship between the United States and the Russia has not always been in good terms. The main reason for the conflict is the credited to the difference in the social system ideologies. The current relationship between the two countries has changed vastly. One of the reasons for this is the failure of socialism as a governing system. The USSR disenfranchised into different countries making it less powerful. This was followed by the creation of a weak Russian state due to the lack of motivation of its citizens. Russia turned the situation around by embracing some aspects of democracy. Russia is to date one of the most successful countries in the world due to the improvement of their economy. The United States gained immensely after the formation of the doctrine. These effects are still felt today in that the country has the most successful economy. The democratic system has become the most recognized system of government. This has in turn reflected on the United States as a super power. The country takes advantage of their new found status by forming alliances. These alliances have improved the economic situation of the country. Both countries have formed alliances of their own which in turn has improved their relationship.

The relationship of the United States with China

Apart from the USSR, other countries embraced the communist system of government. A good example is china who has been advocates for the communism way of life. The country still maintains some aspects of the system. The selection of China is ideal due to its same position as one of the leading economies.

Compare and contrast the two countries

One of the factors the two countries have in common is their emphasis on business and economic growth. Both the United States and China control the world market due to their position in the global issues. China is the number one manufacturing country due to its large working population. The country exports their merchandise to more than 100 countries. This is reflective on their economy in that they continue to record profits. The United States is the biggest supporter of Chinas economy. The country imports various goods due to the population’s high consumption rate. Both countries thus complement each other making them a good example of diplomacy and tolerance (Ramet & Ingebritsen, 2002).

The United States focuses on forming alliances so as to improve its economic growth. This enables the country to use their situation to their advantage. China uses a different way of forming alliances in that the government takes control of a large percentage of the business deals which displays their communist culture.

How the US has changed its relations with the rest of the world

The US has changed the way it approaches its relationships with different countries. The country is known for its aggressive nature in terms of creating alliances and investing. This is seen in the countries search for oil and international contracts. The country has as a result secured itself enemies with different countries. The bombing of the country on September 11th changed the dynamics making the country vulnerable. The country reacted by changing its policies to protect the citizens. This involves reducing the aggressive nature that the country has in terms of investment. America still strives to maintain the relationships it has with the rest of the world. The methods of diplomacy will continue to change due to the change in society. The country is thus faced with the challenge of improving on their diplomacy skills so as to avoid further conflict (Edwards, 2005).


Different countries cannot agree on every notion that is introduced. This often leads to conflict due to the status that comes with having control. The United States is one of the super powers in the globe. This is owed to its role during the two world wars and the cold wars. This position comes with advantages and disadvantages. It is thus essential to analyze the current events concerning diplomacy so as to improve on the relations between different countries.


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