Cronometer Report Analysis

Cronometer Report Analysis

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Cronometer Report Analysis

Based on my dietary nutrients report provided by Cronometer, my calorie intake is the negative meaning I tend to overeat. The report showed the excess amount of Carbs, Fat, and Sodium. I have decided to consider the advice from the report by changing what I consume daily. I can cut back on Carbs by eliminating sweetened drinks and replacing them with seltzers. I am planning to decrease the amount of fat intake by eating more fish, chicken, lean meat, fruits, and vegetables. The Sodium is excessive because I tend to eat out a lot or buying premade meals, so I’ll be back cooking meals from scratch. My dietary goals are to incorporate portion control, increasing my water intake to at least 2 liters a day, and adding in fruits and veggies. I have so far incorporated a multivitamin pill as a supplement to ensure I am consuming the appropriate amount of nutrients and walking.

Food is a very important aspect of one’s healthy living and based on my chronometer results I would like to change my diet in several ways. First of all my water intake has not been great and I intend to take in more water. According to the mayo clinic, the recommended amount of water per day is 8 glasses of water which translates into around 2 liters per day. Therefore I will work on this and take in more water. I am also fond of buying cooked foods and this has led to a lot of sodium in my body as well as a lot of junk food. Therefore to avoid this I will be cooking for myself from scratch and through this, I expect to attain the nutrients and the required kind of food which I should take. The food should have less sodium, less fat and oils, and more vegetables, fruits, and more water. My vitamin D is also not okay and I will be basking in the morning sun or evening sun. However, if this does not work and I cannot find time I will resort to vitamin supplements.

On the exercise side for the last seven days before the test, my exercise has been good. The amount of calories I have taken in is less than the ones burned and this is good progress. However, I will try to keep it at a balance so that I do not over-exercise. Maintaining a healthy body from exercise and from the kind of food I take is very important. Therefore my exercise goal is to have a healthy body whereby the amount of calories taken is never left unused which might be turned into fats and stored in excess amounts in my body. I expect to continue exercising in the gym for the longest time possible to keep fit. My movement since the start of the class has been improving and I can say that it is quite good right now. However, sometimes exercising might not be possible and therefore to counter for this I expect to be biking or walking to cater for the days I will not manage to go to the gym.

My family has no known genetic disease which could put me in a situation whereby it is difficult for me to go on with my activities in fear of disease. I am grateful, I interviewed my mum and my dad, as well as my grandparents, and the information which they provided, was satisfactory for me to conclude that I do not expect to be impacted by any genetic disease unless it is a normal disease. Even though the chances of having a dominant disease are so low I expect my diet to serve me well and therefore my health to keep getting better.

In the future, I hope and expect to keep on with my exercise program so that I stay fit and healthy all through. At times when I will be unable to exercise I expect to get other methods of exercising like biking or walking on foot to compensate. My nutrition is a challenging part but the different ways I have decided to deal with the issue will stick for a long time. That includes an increase in the water intake, the number of fruits and vitamin supplements to take as well as cooking me to avoid excessive amounts of sodium in my body.