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Critical Thinking

APA referencing is one of the most important parts of the academic work of any student. It is one of the bases on which plagiarism is avoidable and this makes students researchers who acknowledge if they borrow ideas and facts from other places which are not their own. This means therefore that APA if approved for use in certain courses should be used to the latter as it helps out to even gauge a person’s ability to interact with knowledge and borrow the correct knowledge for use in their works. Herein I evaluate the use of APA referencing in the discussion and how effective it is.

Firstly the work is very well-intended according to APA guidelines of 1 inch. This makes ideas distinct and it helps the person reading be able to very fast realize the different paragraphs and therefore different paragraphs means different ideas and points of discussion. There is a reference to the book even though not stated explicitly. The book is about social work and in this discussion you talk about social work as well. Therefore even though not stated explicitly through in-text references there is a slight reference to the book. The titling is also very important in APA, in this discussion the titling is good as it is centered and capitalized in its entire first letters. However, the title is not bolded, and therefore there is a need to improve on that.

APA formatting and citation also emphasize in-text citations which should be the surname of the author and the year the book or the article was published. Unfortunately, that is not used in the discussion and therefore there is a need for improvement. Therefore with these improvements, the work is likely to be in the right manner and accordance with APA citation and formatting guidelines.


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