Critical Analysis of an Internet Resource Rubric

Critical Analysis of an Internet Resource Rubric


____ /5__What have you learned about the number and range of Internet resources related to the topic you have selected?

____ /5__ Discuss the types and resources you have found

____ /5__ How extensive are they?

____ /5__ Who has developed these web sites?

____ /5_ The kinds of resources that are available

____ /5_ Your overall evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of resources in this area

____ /5 As part of your reference list, provide up to 10 web sites (be sure to include the Internet addresses) that you have found to be most useful for the topic you have selected


____ /5 Select one Web site and provide relevant details, including the address

____ /5 Describe precisely the purpose of the Web site and what it contains

_____ /5 Be sure to include statements relating the content of the Web site to the material covered in this course


____ /5 How well does the website accomplish its intended goals?

_____ /5 How well does the information conform to what you learned about the topic in this course?

_____ /5 Is the information accurate?

_____ /5 Was it useful?

_____ /5 Was it interesting?

____ /15 This section of the paper should conclude with your thoughts about the Web site and how you might be able to improve it.

____ /10 Your paper should be a minimum of 8 pages (plus references), typed and double-spaced.

/100 : TOTAL