Crisis Leadership and The Learning Organization


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Crisis Leadership and The Learning Organization

A post-traumatic counselor is part of the crisis prevention team that deals with the prevention of post-traumatic disorders in school among the students as well as the faculty employees. The team is made up of one leader and other members who are sourced from the various departments in the institutions. The head of the team is answerable to the university head. The team is entrusted with different responsibilities that are related to the post-traumatic crisis. Among the duties include risk identification among the potential individuals or a target group that is vulnerable to post-traumatic stress, especially those that have been victims of traumatizing events such as the loss of a loved one as well as accidents.

The team as well is entrusted in assessing and ranking the risk, as they have to identify the severity of the trauma. After the assessment, the team goes ahead to reduce the risk of onset trauma. The risk needs to be reduced to minimize the impact to the affected individuals. Besides, the team has the mandate to prevent a crisis from occurring, and that is by taking measures such as counseling people exposed to traumatic events in advice to curb the onset of trauma as well as the management of the crisis. A single leader heads all the functions entrusted to the crisis team while the rest of the members are free to challenge and provide new thoughts of curbing trauma.

The team anticipate potential issues through getting information from the students as well as other members of the institution and after that, assess the impact of the event and the probability of causing trauma. They assess the potentiality through scaling the severity of the event and therefore decide whether it needs special counseling or not. The recommendations that they have regarding a person creating a plan is that they should include all the members in decision making while leaving the leader to steer the team. Another thing is that they should focus much on intelligence to obtain information before they escalate.

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