Criminology theory

Criminology theory

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Criminology theory

Crime can be defined differently by different people and organisations. Even though with many different organisations crime remains wrong and in the efforts to help in reducing crime the Chicago school of ecological studies came up with a theory which tries to explain the reason why a person’s environment affects whether they get involved in criminal activities or not. Social disorganization theory therefore states that a person is likely to engage in crime in fact more or equal to 50% rate of contribution by the environment rather than the persons attributes.

The theory states that a person who has grown in a neighbourhood which is poor and in low standards will likely get the feeling that they are rejected and therefore many issues like school drop outs, unemployment, deteriorating infrastructure among other things take place and when this happens most of the people run into crime and they do anything possible so that they may survive. This theory however does not explain all crime but explain organised crime, corporate crime or deviant behaviours.


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