Criminal Justice Policy Outline




Criminal Justice Policy Outline


Give a brief description of what criminal justice policy entails

Talk of police, jails and law courts as key part of the criminal justice policy

Thesis statement

Justice system should be a free and fair system

There is a link between race and justice system

Minority groups often are not favored by policies in place

Reforms are needed so that even the minority groups are able to be treated free and fair without prejudice

Statistics point out how criminal justice policies have affected the minority groups

Most brutality cases that have been reported have happened towards African Americans closely followed by Latinos.

There is enough evidence in place that shows how our criminal justice system from the police to the law courts are racist.

Give an example of police brutality case. The Spring Valley High school vide of a police officer dragging an African American Female.

Police who are part of the criminal justice portray ruthlessness to the minority group

Trayvon Martin case is a good example. He was murdered by Martin by officer George Zimmerman (Days, pg. 180). George Zimmerman is said to have reported that he had seen a black young man walking in a neighborhood that was predominantly white and had concluded that he was up to no good. There was a scuffle between the two that led to the death of Trayvon and Zimmerman would later defend himself that he was defending himself against a violent 17-year old boy.

Stop and search police used by police and which should be used in maintaining law and order have often been used to target the minority groups.

A black person is more likely to be ordered to stop and searched as compared to a white person.

Court systems also has been affected by racism.

Most cases involving police brutality that end up in court are often not completely handled well as most of these officers are often not found guilty for example Zimmerman.

African Americans and other minorities are also likely to receive longer sentences than other races.

According to a research by the Innovations for Poverty Actions, 40% of people who were incarcerated were African Americans and the African American male were seven times more likely to be incarcerated as compared to the whites.

Solutions to the issues highlighted

Body cameras are a great way to help reduce police brutality as it will be recording what is happening.

Cases against police officer need to be tried by independent prosecutors and not District Attorneys.

Cases of various judges needs to be reviewed in order to determine if they may have bias passing judgment according to race


Criminal justice policies ate needed in order to ensure that there is equality when it comes to matters of justice.

When policies are implemented it may help in reducing the high number of incarceration rate among African Americans