Criminal Justice Administration. Key issues when it comes to criminal justice administration today

Criminal Justice Administration

The criminal justice system involves practices and institutions directed by governments in place to ensure that social control is upheld, crime mitigation and deterring or going ahead to sanction those that are in violation of laws through criminal penalties and rehabilitating the same time those who have been accused of any crime are protected against abuse of the powers to investigate or prosecute them. The paper will look at the key issues when it comes to criminal justice administration today.

The criminal justice system today consists of three main parts which are the legislative part, the adjudication part and the correction part. The legislation part has the duty of creating laws which have to be followed by every individual. Incase one does not follow these laws they might find themselves faced with charges against them. The adjudication comprises of courts which are the venues for settling disputes and at the same time administering the court setting there are various people; prosecutor,judge and the defense attorney. The correction part comprises of parole, prison, or jail. With the knowledge of what the criminal justice comprises of we can now look at criminal justice administration today (American society of criminology, 2012).

The administration of criminal justice is faced by key issues. These include law enforcement which is definitely the most visible when it comes to justice system criminal justice administration. The first contact person anyone involved in crime has with the criminal justice is a police officer. Today there are police patrols done around communities with the aim of crime prevention, investigation of crime incidences and make arrests of crime suspects.The next key issue in criminal justice administration is the court system. Once one is arrested they enter the court system where in court an individual is either determined to be guilty or innocent evidence is brought before the court, and the defendant (suspect) is given the chance to confront the person who accused him or her .they are either released if they are found innocent but if they are found guilty they will be sentenced or given a punishment on the basis of criteria that the judge has set. After sentencing the individual goes to the next key issue in criminal justice administration which is the correction system. This entails all manners of sentencing and punishment. This can be probation, incarceration or parole. Once a person has been convicted he or she is the full responsibility of the correction system until they have fully served their sentence. Today, the common form of correction system is prisons. The society has deemed it a necessity to separate criminals from the rest of the society. This means that all criminals are locked up somewhere with the aim of removing them from the rest of the society (Roufa,2010).

These key issues in criminal justice administration can be prioritized. The first issue is law enforcement. The police are very important when it comes to criminal justice administration. This is because without the police then there is no way that criminals would face the criminal justice system since the police are the link. Therefore the police are the first priority because they are needed so that the criminals can be caught and hence face the justice system. The next key issue is the court proceedings. There will be no need of a suspect being caught without giving them a chance to prove whether they are guilty or innocent .therefore with the court system once a suspect is caught they are given the chance to prove their innocence. They are also given the opportunity to have attorneys defend them before the court. The last issue is the correction system it has to be the last in the entire criminal justice administration process since one has to be proven guilty so that they can be corrected.

These issues have an effect on the criminal justice profession. First of all the police play a crucial part in the criminal justice profession since they are the ones who make the entire process to begin. Without them then there will be no one to be charged in court and be corrected. The court proceedings are also very important as they give the suspect the chance to prove their innocence. if there were no court proceedings then people who were innocent would suffer unfairly. The correction system is very important for the criminal justice profession. This is because if someone is found guilty they are given an opportunity to rectify their behavior through the correction system. Once one has gone through the correction system and has been rehabilitated successfully they will not repeat their mistakes.


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