Criminal Behavior Psychology theory and Control theory

Kaila Laxa

Criminological Theory

Professor Gray

9 June 1019

Criminal Behavior

Ted Bundy

Criminal Behavior

Psychology theory and Control theory

Criminal Behavior

1. What is criminal behavior?

Deviant behavior that results with unlawful acts

2. Why is criminal behavior important to understand/know?

Because we get the opportunity to understand why people choose to break the law

3. What are different types of criminal behavior and transition into BundyKidnapping, rape, assault, etc.

Paragraph II

Ted Bundy

1. Who is Bundy?
Bundy was an American Serial Killer who is believed to have raped and murdered over 100 women, but only confessed to 30. Bundy would seduce his victims, then rape them, kill them and often have sex with their corpse. He was eventually caught and arrested and later executed in Florida by the electric chair.

2. What is his background?

He was raised by his maternal grandparents. His grandparents raised him to believe that they were his parents, and his birth mother was his older sister. He often told people that he loved his grandfather and that they were very close – but when others were asked about his grandfather, they would say he was a mean and cruel man that threw stray cats by their tail, pushed his youngest daughter down the stairs for oversleeping, beat his wife, and was racist towards blacks, Jews, Catholics and Italians.

3. What crime did he commit? and transition into psychology theory 

Bundy committed various crimes, and from a psychological standpoint it’s because of his grandparents, but more specifically his grandfather

Paragraph III

Psychology theory

1. What is psychology theory?

The psychological reason behind something, in this case: behavior.

2. What are causes of psychology theory?
It begins in the home, and from there it branches off to society, school. Church and so forth. But ultimately it begins in the home.

3. What are ways to help treat these causes?

Therapy, CPS, speaking to someone trustworthy so that one can explain what is happening inside the home.

Paragraph IV

Self-Control theory

*Explain how self-control theory is a sub category of control theory*

1. What is control theory?

the ability to, “resist temptations and refrain from acting on impulses they consider to be socially or personally undesirable.”

2. What are causes of self-control theory?
Society. People do things because society says to, or people don’t do things because society will shame them for it.

3. What are ways to help treat these causes?

Not caring about what society or any one else thinks of you, it’s important to live your life however which way you desire.


Tie everything together

1. Bundy and his relation to criminal behavior

Bundy was a serial killer. He acted like a criminal. He committed crimes.

2. Bundy to psychology theory

If it weren’t for his grandfather, Bundy may have not turned out to be a serial killer. But because this started in the home with his abusive grandfather, he developed psychological issues and did whatever he desired to these females.

3. Bundy to (self) control theory 

Going hand in hand with psychological theory, his gruesome desire to torture, hurt and kill these victims were because he was able not able to have any self-control. He was a politician, he knew what he was doing, he knew what the repercussions were and he had the confidence based on his status, charm, and good looks, that he wouldn’t get caught.