Crime Trends

Crime Trends

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Crime Trends

A crime is an act that warrants widespread community punishment and condemnation, which is typically in the shape of imprisonment or fine. This is distinct from a wrongful act (a tort), which represents an action brought against a person that necessitates compensation for damages or reparation (SMART, 2021). A crime trend represents a significant shift in the disposition of specific criminal offenses over time in a specific geographic area. It is a metric for determining how much a crime pattern has changed over time in a given area. There are numerous and diverse crime patterns. In the article, we will discuss sexual assault as a crime pattern.

Any form of sexual contact or conduct that transpires without the recipient’s consent represents a sexual assault. When an individual is forced, pressured, or tricked into engaging in undesired sexual behavior, it amounts to sexual assault. Sexual offense amounts to a criminal act that is punishable by law. Sexual assault is not only a crime on its own, but it may also lead to other criminal acts such as violence, murder, or even kidnapping. According to Kaudli (2021), one in every six American women is raped each year. According to surveys and rape statistics by gender, one in every six American women and one in every 33 American males has been the victim of an attempted or committed rape as a child or adult.


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