Creative Execution

Creative Execution

The goals in a campaign are turned into reality through the help of productive media strategies. These media techniques need to be attractive and appealing to consumers for them to be successful. Therefore, the right advertising choices ought to be in accordance with the message being conveyed. Furthermore, the message needs also to be tactical and convincing. Concerning the appropriateness of these tactics, they also need to align with the company’s campaign objectives and targeted its consumers. The FITNATION campaign, as such, is aimed at demonstrating its product line by magnifying their appeal to contemporary lifestyles and integration in the everyday life setup (Forbes, 2016). The following are examples of the elements used.

In the FITNATION campaign the use of television advertisement is used to portray the user consumers in their daily activities, as per the expectations for the products. The ability for new prospects to see an averagely fit girl working out or going out for jogging alongside a plus-size girl, both in FINATION attire provides a motivating factor for consumers to see that they do not need to have perfect bodies to meet the market attributes (Hickey, 2019). The consumer insight report clearly elaborates the rising trend in fitness activity among averagely shaped individuals. Therefore, through the aid of TV ads, differently sized and fit people are adequate to create equity among the target market. The view of a beautiful and green environment as consumers go about errands in FITNATION apparel suggests a conservation appeal to the brand and thus boosts customer attraction.

The application of internet and social media platforms in the FITNATION advertisement campaign is quite effective in reaching a huge percentage of the target market – which includes the millennial age group. The consumer insights have proven the wider market for FITNATION products to be aged between 18 to 25 years (Statista, 2018). The use of the hashtags #FITNATION or #Unlock you are impactful in the social media posts on platforms like Instagram. This reasoning is derived from further insights that prove that having motivational and uplifting slogans and messages impact the consumers positively into endorsing the company products. As a result, the web media is effective to capture the attention of a much wider market scope.

Using the print advertising technique utilizes the cues such as those presented from the company slogan and logo (Fontein, 2020). The presentation of an elephant on the logo depicts the features of the consumers that manifest from the use of FINATION products. Therefore, they are compelled to feel a sense of power and dignity as well as a cultural depiction of strength and wisdom. The visual presentation of these elements directly influences the customers favour and preference towards FITNATION


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