Creating Knowledge




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Creating Knowledge

Different research disciplines have provided statements that tend to differ from statements that give personal confidence. Though they differ from one another depending on the inter-disciplinary differences, these research based statements helps an individual make an analysis that is used to develop conclusive data necessary in finding the truth. The main inter-disciplinary differences arise from methodology used in achieving the required data.

Our beliefs and knowledge have led us to the realization that we cannot depend entirely on what we think or proclaim to be right. We must go beyond our own beliefs to achieve that what we lack from our private beliefs. In order to do this, there is need to learn more and learning makes us know more through the various disciplines that are there. Through learning, we are then able to present the right data that will help us find the truth.

In order to come up with the right data, the method used to find the specific data determines whether or not the investigations being made will provide the right information. Various disciplines teach us the right ways that will make a person achieve the right information. To be able to achieve the required data, the right questions must be asked so as to trigger the right answers.

There are various methods used to derive the right answer. However, these methods vary from one discipline to another. For one to make the right move he must have the right skills needed and although methodologies of acquiring the right skills changes with time, disciplines have ways to ensure that they stay in control of what is needed. As a result of this, it is highly recommended for an individual to learn the skills of his trade to enable him have the right tools for what he does. HYPERLINK “” l “page=7” o “Page 7”

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