Creating a Just society

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The creation of a “Just Society”

Justice is a term used in many societies. At one time, everybody has used the term justice but to mean different things. Justice is a quality in a person, society or country at large, a quality of providing equality and fairness. Justice is the quality of giving equal opportunities to people regardless of their background. Justice has many applications; it may be applied in a court of law, where the judge is expected to make a fair ruling to a case. It may also by employers whom we expected to hire employees based on their qualifications or set criteria. Finally, justice may be applied in the society where the freedom and welfare of all individuals should be respected. The government through different systems and infrastructure as the judicial system ensures that justice prevails at all times. The philosophy used in this paper is Kant`s Moral philosophy, justice from a moral perspective. Morality guides human beings to act on situations based on beliefs and personal convictions.

The Moral Philosophy by Kant would lead to the most just society. Morality appears as personal and at the same time universal aspect of judging things. When morality is universal, then everybody has a similar interpretation and understanding of justice. Morality guides human beings and the societies make most of their judgment based on morality. Kant describes freedom as “being able to receive personal happiness without external limitations or forces that limit personal happiness”. In simple terms, freedom is being able to act as you wish without limitations. The Moral philosophy connects morality, freedom and justice together by indicating that humans have the capability to reason. Through the capability to reason that human beings practice justice from a moral perspective.


Justice provides for citizenship that is free in any state in the country. A person can become a citizen in any state given that they are able to provide the necessary documents for registration. The senate continuously reviews the rules and regulations to make sure that they are just for all people who want to receive citizenship. The new group works in collaboration with the senate through providing suggestions for the amendment of the law to ensure that a just society is created. Issues like forceful deportation of people who have applied for citizenship or those whose time has expired needs reviewing. When creating a just society, only persons who violate the code of conduct should be deported. The opportunities to earn citizenship in the different states through green cards and visas need to be increased. Increasing citizenship opportunities is the best approach in solving the immigration problem.

The Economy

A major problem in the economy is employment. In employment, justice needs to be applied in creating fair opportunities and chances for all people. The key criterion that needs to be implemented is the employment of people with the right skills and education. Experience and age may also be considered for different jobs, which require networking and mobility of the employee. From Kant`s point of view, opportunities in employment should be made available for all people who have qualified not discriminating people with disability. Persons with disability have complained repeatedly for being left out in the employment process. A just society is one where equal employment chances exist. They do not just exist; the employers create them. The committee works with different opportunities to request that 20% of the vacancies be left for persons with disability.

Once the issue of employment and equal opportunities has been resolved another issue presents itself; the issue of wages. A just society should be one where the difference between the rich and the poor is minimal. It is not just where the employer is making millions and running a multimillion corporation and rewarding workers lowly. Workers need motivation and a good salary motivates them. Employers need to find the balance between too much pay and peanut wages. Employers need to balance what they pay their employees with the company’s turnover and the labor used in the task. In addition, the skills and level of experience should be factors to consider. To create a just society rewards should be based on effort and employers should avoid giving demoralizing salaries.

Provision of Information

The society today is an “information hungry society”. People on a daily basis browse the internet in search of answers and information that interests them. A just society in relation to the rising need by people to access information should be one where access to information is not restricted. Sources of information like the internet should not be restricted. People search for information to increase their knowledge and interact with people who have done what they are trying to do. Through accessing the information that they need people are able to prepare for the future. Restricted access to information is a form of injustice.

Have a look at the fundamentals of a just society according to the Morality philosophy by Kant`s, freedom is a key aspect. Freedom is the access to unlimited happiness without external interferences. Restricting access to information is limiting a person’s freedom to access information. Sources of information remain open for all people who are interested in a just society. However, government secrets on matters of national security remain classified information. The best approach to information access is by classifying information for that which relates to national security may not be accessed by everybody.

In a just society, the welfare of all members comes as a priority to all other interests. Everybody should enjoy his or her freedom that is unlimited happiness. Access to services such as health services and other social services should be done in a fair manner. Justice is not a matter of race or social class rather a matter of morality. The mind gives human beings insight on issues of morality through inner convictions. A just society should be directed by morality that gets a reference from shared beliefs.

In Conclusion

A just society is one where opportunities exist for everyone fairly. The welfare of individuals should always be safeguarded to ensure that the society is happy. The committee, in order to create a just society works in collaboration with the law making institutions. Justice can be ensured and protected using these institutions and the judicial system. The basic guide to providing justice is morality. However, judicial systems are tools used to ensure that cases of injustice are handled appropriately. Judgments made in the judicial system will be used as reference material by the society in determining what justice is and how to come up with a just society.

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