Cover Page & Abstract

8-10 Points 5-7 Points 2-4 Points 0-1 Points

Cover Page & Abstract Cover page is present. Abstract is present and no more than 250 words including keywords. (5 points for cover page, 5 points for abstract). Cover page is present but abstract exceeds 250 words. No cover page but abstract. No cover page or no abstract.

Introduction Student guided the reader to the current project. Student discussed relevant and current literature with accurate interpretations. Hypotheses are present (two main effects, one interaction). In-text citations present. Student guided the reader to the current project, but some literature was not well discussed or did not seem relevant. Disorganized, or most of the literature discussed was not very relevant to the current project. The section seemed written “at the last minute.” Too difficult to follow due to writing or because no relevant literature was discussed. No clear link to the current project, or the section was not written.

Methods Included level 2 & 3 subheadings. Accurately explained procedure, participant information (demographic information such as age and race/ethnicity). In-text citations present, if applicable. Include alpha of dependent variable. Included scale anchors, and interpretation of scores. Explained procedure and participant information accurately, but section was difficult to follow. Missing some key information. Very disorganized to follow, or key information was missing. Key information was missing throughout the section. Or, no section was present.

Results Included results in APA style for a factorial ANOVA. Includes proper evaluation of the results and student drew accurate conclusions. If significant, proper post-hoc analyses were reported. Included results and accurate conclusions, however, post-hoc analysis were not present (if needed), or somewhat difficult to follow. Disorganized, results were not presented in APA style format or difficult to follow. Student did not draw appropriate conclusions. Key information was missing throughout the section. Or, no section was present.

Figure or Table APA style figure or table (either one) was listed after results were discussed. The figure or table matched the written results. Figure or table was mentioned in the results (as depicted in…) The figure or table was difficult to interpret (i.e., no labels, not mentioned, or did not match results). The figure or table was not at all in APA style or had wrong information (i.e., wrong x and y axis, no labels). No figure/table present.

Discussion Student appropriately interpreted the results in relation to their overall hypotheses. Included relevant limitations and future directions. In-text citations present. Results were accurately interpreted, but not all conclusions were relevant to the student’s project. Included “limitations” and “future directions.” Misunderstood the implications of the results or did not include sections such as “limitations” or “future directions.” Key information was missing or no discussion section was present.

References References list was on its OWN page with 8 references listed. Must say References not Works Cited. Students had 7 references. Not on their own page. Students had 6 references. Not on their own page. Students had less than 6 references.

Appendices Provided copy of the study, includes all 3 vignettes, your demographics, and dependent variable, and debriefing. Provided appendices, but missing 1 section. Provided appendices, but missing more than 1 section. Appendices were provided.

Writing The writing clear and concise throughout. Student guided reader through the paper without confusion, using proper grammar. Minimal grammatical and organizational errors present. Disorganized, but readability was still present. Several grammatical errors throughout. Readability was nearly impossible

APA Style Paper has page numbers, is in times new roman font. Double spaced with no extra spacing between paragraphs. References were in APA style. Cover page was in APA style. (1 point for every error up to 10). Figure or Table is also in appropriate APA style. 5-7 APA errors were present throughout the paper. 8-9 APA errors were present throughout the paper. More than 10 APA errors were present throughout the paper.