Course Wrap-up Journal





Course Wrap-up Journal

Throughout the course, I was motivated and felt the need to keep on yearning for more knowledge, especially on child development. I clearly understood the importance of being familiar and having an in-depth understanding of the milestones and developmental pathways across the domain of the children’s development. Child care is a beneficial component in life and hence my goal and aim was to ensure I obtained all the important skills, tactics and knowledge that would help me become a better early childhood professional. As I got to understand and study the course deeper, I appreciated the thought that, knowledge of child development and learning will help me as a provider to feel confident in what I will do considering that the course entails being useful and assisting parents and children to live better, healthier and happy lives.

My favorite discussion and assignment, is the discussion on children reaching the critical milestones and ow to communicate to the parents of a child that shows some milestone developmental challenges. It certainly is my best as it was practical and insightful. Also such issues are common in the society and hence I had a lot of interest and wanted to learn more on the same topic. The process of communicating to the parents also ensured that one is empathetic and as we are all aware where there is empathy meaningful progress is made.

The lesson that inspired me the most about this course is the importance of the course itself. As I progressed on with the course I came to the realization that early child development sets the foundation for lifelong learning, behavior and health. From that basic course component I obtained the drive to learn more and to understand the impact we have on the lives of children and how parents and guardians can be deliberate to ensure their children grow to their ideal selves.

The course has sufficiently equipped me for the future as a professional and as parent as well. I have obtained a lot of information on how early experiences shape the development of children and also I have obtained the perfect skills to use when faced with a challenging situation I can help a child go through the domains of development without panicking.

Early childhood development professionals play a central and critical role in the lives of children. Through their help they save parents and children the anguish of having some challenges and not finding the solution and hence it is safe to say the profession empowers the next generation because their help will have a positive impact on the child’s readiness and progress through life.