Counseling for Family with Anxiety Disorder

Counseling for Family with Anxiety Disorder



Korean Family Counseling Therapy

According to the American Counseling Association (ACA), the codes have been designed to help counselors guide people in their development throughout their lives by enhancing trust and understanding of the client’s diverse cultural background. For instance, ACA B.1.a on Multicultural Considerations guides counselors to be sensitive to the cultural meanings and views of the clients in respect to the on-going discussions. In addition, the code encourages the counselors to careful about the information he is sharing with the client so that it does not lead to distortion of the message being conveyed. Considering the Korean family that was undergoing anxiety disorder, the daughter was critical about the counselors American origin. She was pessimistic that he did not understand their Korean culture very well and might not understand her anxiety clearly and help her out. As a competent counselor, it was appropriate to enlighten the daughter that she was living in a closed culture which did not give her a window of opportunity to seek for her destiny. From Luke 14:26-27, the counselor cautiously explained to the daughter the importance of respecting her parents even if she needed some level of independence. The counselor also reveals that she was struggling to get into a relationship, but the she was tied to their cultural boundaries (American Counseling Association, 2014).

Mark 10:6-9 gives a clear explanation that she was entitled to her life of her outside to the family boundaries. The bible teaching encourages her to seek for a relationship without fear since as a person becomes an adult, she should seek out for her soul-mate. She should not live in fear of her parent’s reactions especially when she engages in a relationship with someone outside their Korean culture. The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) codes provides a comprehensive guideline for the rights and the welfare of individuals in families who seek for the counseling therapy. For instance, the counselors confined counseling professionalism to code AAMFT 2.6 on Confidentiality in Consultation. Having been a family counselor for the past five weeks, he had the consent for confidentiality from the family. the therapist used the guideline to conduct separate and private session with the daughter to help her understand the importance of considering her life priorities looking for a soul mate. The code allows the counselor to hold a private talk and enlighten her to think about her the importance of getting into an intimate relationship. The code also reminds the counselor to consider her cultural origin (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, 2012).

The International Association For Marriage and Family Counselors (IAMFC) also gives an elaborate guiding principle that apply the family counseling therapy. The code IAMFC VI.H advises family counselors to be cautious when holding sessions by considering their cultural backgrounds. It advisors the counselor to check for symptomatic reactions that might result from misunderstandings because of the varying culture of the counselor and the client. From the counseling session, it was important as a counselor to note that the daughter was reluctant heed the advice. The daughter had developed the perception that the counselor having the an American culture, the counseling therapy could not free her from the ropes of the Korean culture. With a stroke of intelligence, the counselor back up his proposition by invoking the biblical teachings. It was in the interest of the daughter to understand she was mature to express the need to have a life that was independent of her family’s influence (International Association For Marriage and Family Counselors, 2014).


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