Could we cure aging

“Could we cure aging during your lifetime?”

Scientists are attempting to change the medical community’s focus from improving life durations to optimizing health spans. This is the part of our life where we are disease free.

Senescent cells are aged cells that become disease-carrying zombies that never die. Scientists are genetically modifying mice to destroy cells because senescent cells lack a protein that promotes cell death.

NAD+ is a coenzyme that tells us to take care of ourselves. Skin cancer, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and cardiovascular disease are all linked to low NAD+ levels.

Stem cells maintain you youthful and less prone to illness. To avoid premature aging, fresh stem cells can reinvigorate older brain cells.

Using these strategies, these trials will help people comprehend more. I believe that people should be attempting to avoid anti-aging since it will be advantageous in the future and we will be able to produce something else that will be beneficial. Humans cannot, however, avoid death, but they can prevent or halt the aging process. All of these techniques are sound. But, tell this to a homeless individual, and they will laugh at you. Perhaps addressing other issues like as income inequality, access to basic health care, and education might achieve the same result by improving the human situation generally.