Couch surfing






Couch surfing is a social networking platform that is used to connect from different regions on the internet platform. The platform connects individuals from all over the world that have access to internet connection. This is a website that enables a surfer to meet new and different people while on the move. The site has an estimation of millions of users from over two hundred countries worldwide. The website targets to connect people who have common interests and similarities. It is a site which is fun to use for creating friendship and sharing common interests between individuals. The vision of the website is to see a world where everyone can explore and create friendships and connections with anyone that they encounter. The site has a rough estimate of about ten million users in more than two hundred different countries around the world.

The site can be useful for students in student exchange programs and hitchhiking communities. Students and journalists use the site to meet new people, to hear about their travels, and make long lasting friendships. For professional journalists, this site can be of great use to them to learn about new places that they can visit. Website owners can use this website to create awareness for their websites. This is easy because one can generate traffic to their own website by connecting with friends on the social network site and directing them to website by providing web links. The platform is also useful for discussion forums where you can post pressing issues and invite friends to discuss them. This way, a student can get ideas about a project that needs assistance from the website platform.

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