Corruption and ethics






Corruption is a moral impurity or a divergence from an ideal. Corruption takes the form of bribery and misuse of the government’s resources for individual gain. Mismanagement and misallocation of public funds are also kinds of corruption. Additionally, favoring a particular person or group in the recruitment and other activities of an organization also defines corruption. Corruption is present in most government departments and offices as evident in the case of the county government where Jenny is employed. Corruption is an immoral practice that leads to societal and moral decay. Jenny faces a dilemma of how to handle herself at her new job in the county government where corruption has laid a firm foundation. The management seems to favor the act, as such, putting myself in the shoes of Jenny; my response in her circumstances would be as discussed in this paper.

Acts of corruption are evident in the county government. The county government’s staffs mismanage and misallocate funds from grants. Similarly, some also use the materials and properties of the county. For instance, they use the county’s cars for their personal businesses. As well, the hiring process of new employees is an evidence of corruption. The proctors allow job applicants to cheat on the tests since they already have a chosen candidate. Jenny’s report to the department’s business manager, Matt, is swept under the rug by Matt. The level of corruption is high, and it involves the senior management of the county government. Putting myself in Jenny’s shoes, I would report the matter to the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission in the county or the State.

Similarly, I would file a case in a law court citing the corrupt practices I have witnessed in the county government. As much as the top management stifles the effort to fight corruption in the county, independent commissions, and the law courts are always present to hear and act on the raised issues. In conclusion, I believe that corruption is an immoral practice that ought to be wiped out of all the government institutions. Each and everyone have a role to play in eliminating this evil practice.