Content development

Writing format for the Common Essay # 2-

Rubric : Content development – analyze any two works of art – (10 pts. ) Two page essay , in a college format , which includes the following :

Correct grammar , sentence structure , drawing conclusions , thesis


Thesis statement –(includes the following )

What the two choices are

Credit line ( image )

Style and explaining the styles ( compare and contrast )

Location of the works of art

Evidence – Identifying the elements and principles of art ( 10 pts. )

What and where the elements of art are seen and used

What and where the principles of art are used

Compare and contrast the elements and principles

Develop conclusions on the basis of observation for the

Formal analysis

Media : what type of media was used in each work of art (10 pts. )

Explain how the mediums were developed

Compare and contrast

Influence of provenance: Historical analysis ( 10 pts. )

Evaluation of the time period , evidence of religious , socio-cultural,

Political , or nationality influence on the artist

Compare and contrast the factors that affect the art

Conclusion : Development of the artist’s communication to the viewer ( 10 pts. )

What are the artists trying to say Compare and contrast the meanings of the two works of art . Support your opinion with evidence