Conclusion Many challenges have been reached unto in this field


Many challenges have been reached unto in this field; however, there are also prospects that the use of Mesenchymal cells is very promising for the treatment of brain injury. Their effects on the host cell tissue are their platform to act and this makes them more usable than other cells or substances. They are capable of decreasing the inflammation in the host tissue and they also encourage the regeneration of nerves. However, there are still challenges like understanding the pathophysiology of traumatic brain injury and other aspects of this kind of treatment if fully taken into account. Further research continues in this area and it is an important part of the human brain to be researched on and solutions brought to the table.

There are fears that this kind of treatment can lead to cancer or autoimmune diseases and these are also being researched. This is a developing part of mental health and it is an important one. The treatment of brain injury can be of very great significance to anyone who has had these kinds of illnesses and therefore this makes the lives of the patients better and those exposed to external factors leading them to have internal damage or injury to the brain.