Concertmaster is the first-chair violinist of a symphony orchestra

Defining Terms.

1.Concertmaster is the first-chair violinist of a symphony orchestra.

2. Melody is the succession of single pitches recognized by the ear as a whole.

3. Harmony is the simultaneous combination of notes and the ensuing relationships of intervals and chords.

4. Conjunct is the smooth connected melody that moves principally by small intervals.

5. Disjunct is the disjointed or disconnected melody with many leaps.

6. Rhythm is when the movement of music is controlled in time.

7. Meter is the organization of rhythm in time where the beats are grouped into larger, regular patterns, notated as measures.

9. Musical texture is how different melodies fit together blend of musical layers heard at the same time. Examples of musical textures are; heterophony which multiple voices which define similar melody at the same time. Polyphony which is many voices are brought together to distribute interests of melody in different. Homophony is another texture where there are other voices but a single voice takes over and the other lines acts as subordinate.

10. Musical form is how structure is organized in music. Examples are; Binary form (A- B) and ternary form (A- B- A) which is the statement – departure and statement – departure – return respectively.

11. Dynamics is volume of a music is played. Examples are soft (piano) and loud (forte).

12. Tempo is the speed or the rate of pace of a music. Examples are; allegro (fast),

moderato (moderate), adagio (quite slow), and accelerando (speeding up),

13. Vocalise is a textless vocal melody, as in an exercise or concert piece.

14. Word Painting is the picturization of words from the text as an expressive device into music.

15. Tone Color is the quality of sound that distinguishes one voice or tone or instrument for the other. Examples is when a string is bowed, or tucked in order to give different sound qualities.

16. Soprano is the highest ranged voice usually produced by ladies.

17. Alto is the lowest voice that is produced by females.

18. Tenor highest range of voice produced by males.

19. Aerophones are Instruments that produce sound by using air as the primary vibrating

means. Examples are a flute, whistle, or horn

20. Chordophones are instruments that produces sound from a vibrating string stretched between two points; the string may be set in motion by bowing, striking, or plucking.

21. Idiophones are instruments that produces sound from the substance of the instrument itself by being struck, blown, shaken, scraped, or rubbed. Examples include bells, rattles, xylophones, and cymbals.