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Concert Report

This report will focus on “Rock Concert Live: RockWeller at RockFest” that took place in Singapore on March 12, 2020. This concert was one of the exceptional, refined, and elegant experiences of my lifetime. The stage was set up to allow the musicians to move around freely and play the musical instruments without obstructing one another. Furthermore, its setup was exceptional, such that the speakers and the lighting were set in a manner that would not interfere with the view of the band by the audience. One notable attribute that impressed me was the background that illuminations of different changing colors ranging from blue, brown, maroon, among other colors that created the mood for the different songs performed that day. The songs performed during the concert include “Stay Away, Hate! Pain! Anger! Blame!, Graceland, The Cure, and Bigger! Faster! Louder!” The primary instruments used during the concert include guitars, drums, and bass.

The performers created a harmonious synchronization between the lead singer and the instrumentalists. Olga, the lead singer demonstrated a breathtaking and audible performance with a clear connection with the instruments being played. Besides, she ensured that the crowd was involved in all performances which made the concert even lively. Even though nearly half of the concert was instrumentals while the other half was Olga singing, it could not go unnoticed that the performers managed the pitch to mark the climax of the songs and allow the audience to move along with the songs. For instance, Olga would lower her voice to allow the audience to sing along and raise her tone accordingly to ensure the audience felt the intensity of the performance. This was reinforced by the use of amplified electric guitars that synchronized their performances to create beautiful instrumentals.

There was constant communication between the performers and the audiences which helped attract their attention and made them feel involved in the performances. In particular, Olga occasionally appreciated the presence of the audience and allowed them to cheer and clap before moving on to the next song. This portrayed the dedication the band had towards entertaining its audience and making sure to keep them abreast. Their concert intensified my love and appreciation for rock music especially looking at the drummer and guitarists playing their instruments as well as the vocals. The sounds they gave off were the main highlight of the concert as they assisted to get the right melody and harmony in the different songs performed during the concert.

Personally, I am much attracted to rock music for its instrumentals, and as such, poor performance by the instrumentalists can create a profound negative experience. I would then say that the performers knew what they were doing which they were exceptionally good. Olga’s performance was reinforced with tempos of medium-fast with the variations of loud and very loud to keep the audience more attentive and interested. Notably, rock music does not necessitate uniformity in rhythm which allows the performers and the audience to respond to the flow of the music however they deemed fit. This gives people the anonymity to do whatever makes them enjoy the performance more. Considering the different music concerts I have attended in the past, “Rock Concert Live: RockWeller at RockFest” so far due to the choice of music that maintained the same intensity from one performance to another.


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