Comparison of life before and after the Internet

Discussion 1

Comparison of life before and after the Internet

People have always carried out the same activities even before the internet. For instance, communication and learning were still exercised using traditional means. Communication involved writing letters to friends and family at a longer distance or sending messengers to deliver information. Similarly, people traded with others just like in the Internet days, only that the meetings had to be physical. Another similarity is learning, which took place during the dark ages through means such as physical class attendance just like after the internet. However, advancement in the internet and technology has really changed the way of life in the current days. In the dark ages’ before the advancement, people relied on traditional ways of doing things, which was more difficult as compared to the current automated ways. For instance, the use of physical books that are bulky and cumbersome to carry around was replaced by e-books, which are more convenient for students. Thus, with the internet today, students do not have to visit libraries and carry books home. Rather, the students just download e-books and study at their convenient locations, especially at home. Similarly, during the traditional days without the internet, students had to rely on a teacher to explain the concept to them.

On the other hand, the internet has enabled an easier learning platform where google can explain any kind of question to the students. Thus, there is a difference in the education sector before and after the internet, where life after the internet seems easier. Besides, communication is easier with the internet than during the dark ages. Nowadays, people prefer to send emails rather than write letters, which would take longer to be delivered. Also, online platforms such as Facebook enable a person to explain their profiles, and therefore, one does not need to visit them in person so as to learn about them. More so, the internet had made shopping easier through online trading platforms, unlike in life before where people physically exchanged goods. Besides, socialization has been made easier with the introduction of the internet, where people can meet online and exchange ideas. The internet enables people to make friends trough socializing apps such as WhatsApp, unlike in the past where they had to meet physically.

Discussion 2

Compare and Contrast Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are the world’s successful entrepreneurs who have invested differently in the PC industry. Bill is the chairman of Microsoft as well as a software architect, while Steve Jobs is the chief executive officer of the Apple computer. They are both seen as innovative and have contributed greatly to revolutionizing the world through science and technological input. Besides, they are both characterized as hardworking and dedicated to achieve success from their achievements in their various companies. However, the two CEOs have their differences, which include their leadership styles. To start with, Bill Gates believes in involving his employees in decision making, whereby he entrusts them to input their ideas before implementing changes in the business. Thus, he ensures a friendly environment for workers and delegates duties according to specialization to achieve full utilization of skills. On the other hand, Steve Jobs showcases an autocratic leadership style whereby he does not involve anyone else in decision making. His leadership style has contributed to his success in that he uses his innovations for the benefit of his customers and companies in general. Therefore, unlike Bill Gates, Steve Jobs does not acknowledge the need to work closely with his workers but rather chooses to be a dictator.

Discussion 3

According to the radio article on ‘NPR news,’ Rachel Carson’s faces some criticism on her book, “Silent Spring.” To start with, the radio host states that Carson was not a qualified Biochemist, which implies that the information she passed on spraying insecticides was that professional. However, the claim is misguided since the same radio host continues to say that Carson asked for the scientific help and expertise of other professionals. The other attack is from the chemical and agricultural industry, which referred to Carson as an unqualified scientist as well as a hysterical woman. However, the industries’ claim is not a reason enough for dismissing the book since anyone could air their views through writing. More so, the article talks of Robert White-Stevens, who claimed that some information in Carson’s’ book was absurd. Such information included the generalization of all pesticides to be biocides. However, Carson had explained that her intent was not to ban the use of all insecticides but to be careful about who is allowed to handle them. Thus, the attack by Robert White-Stevens is not justifiable.

Discussion 4

David Sedaris talks about the undecided voters in the presidential elections and the part they play. He says that the voters are confused about which candidate is better than the other and most often end up electing the wrong candidate. The confusion is brought out since voters find some candidates better in some fields than others while poor on alternatives. However, Sedaris wonders why the voters do not simply make a choice based on their best candidates based on how well they know them. He equates the condition of being mixed on the type of food to order on a flight and end up ordering the unpleasant dish. Thus, voting in the United States lies in the hand of the undecided voters who form the larger community. I feel that the United States has an active voting population that has the mandate to make decisions on who is the best candidate to vote for the elections.

Discussion 5

The radio show was a drama broadcast in 1983, which caused a lot of panic among the Americans at that time. Most people run from their houses towards the hills, and others died during the commotion to run away. Most people took the show seriously and believed that the narrative behind it was real. The drama involved an invasion of creatures from another planet that would kill and destroy the human beings on earth but later be killed by small creatures on earth. The cause for the panic was motivated by the presenters’ choice of words when introducing the show whereby, he talked as if the show were a live reporting of the events. Also, the people created illusions of the invasion in their minds, and most of them believed them to be true. Also, I think the fear of the unknown led to increased fear and panic among the listeners where they imagined how it would have been if they were attacked by aliens. Finally, the listeners may not have been used to listening to drama through the radio station and thus took it to be a serious matter.Discussion 6