Comparison Between Apple and Microsoft Software





Comparison Between Apple and Microsoft Software

Technology is developing daily whereby new devices are always created. Computers and phones require an operating system for them to function. We all know about the two most prominent software provides that is Microsoft and apple. One needs to choose between the two, and everyone has his or her preference; thus he needs to compare between the two. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages and the similarities between the two then it can be easy to weigh on which one to use. The two have been arch-rivals for a long time.

Starting with the co-founders of the two OS, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs the cofounders of Microsoft and Apple respectively, both have been listed as top 100 worldwide entrepreneurs. Both systems have a set of drivers that enable external storage that is even when internal storage is full. There is an external one that can help operations flow smoothly (Kumar, and Sirisha, Pg. 61) External devices such as printers, keyboards etc. operate on either of the two on a plug and play instruction. The two OS run on a qwerty keyboard which is accessible and known to everyone.

The two operating systems come with software that enables one to carry out several commands such as updating apps, use a calculator etc. without having extra software. On purchase, there is always a browser which can help one to download a browser of their own choice which is the case for both windows and apple (Arthur, Pg. 22). One will still need multimedia applications for different functions ant these apps to function on both software that is for example of adobe reader, chrome among others. Both OS X and windows have the capacity of supporting common gaming engines, they have operating and optimized environment to allow the games to function. This one you can argue with someone the whole day unless you got to prove it and you will find both wins. Lastly, the two operate on common UI elements that are common shortcuts like ctrl+V is used for copy and paste on both.

However, the two have a lot of differences, especially on the business perspective. First, Apple is expensive than Microsoft. Despite Apple being expensive, this does not mean that they are the best for businesses, Microsoft is as well as good. They both come with a user interface and a finder for Microsoft and Apple respectively making it easy to use regardless of the cost. Let’s think about it on a spare parts perspective; Apple products are particular and hard to find, unlike Microsoft which are next to readily available in any electronic or software shop. Despite being readily available, they are also cheaper than Apple’s.

Everyone is always concerned about the security of their devices. Even though both have strong securities, many people are interested in making antiviruses for Microsoft, unlike Apple where people need a lot to make an antivirus that can be accepted by its producer. Apple producers, however, have ensured that their operating system is more than 90% free of malware and viruses (Wonglimpiyarat, Pg. 96). There is a very little chance and platform for hackers to get in. Apple has added a new captain on their recent OS X El that keeps the computer safe (Kumar, and Sirisha Pg.63) Unlike Apple, Microsoft has experienced a lot of viruses and attackers in recent years forcing their customers to purchase antiviruses.

Apple spends most of its resources on design, unlike Microsoft which is quick on providing what the user can use regardless of beauty and design. One has better computer support with apple where you can book an appointment and get your device fixed unlike with Microsoft who don’t sell all their computers, and if a repair is impossible, you send it back to the original store for it to be fixed. Lastly, Microsoft operates on various PCs, unlike Apple which is only for Apple company products.

Conclusively, if one is looking for a computer to use as a starter, then Microsoft OS is the best since it is cheaper and readily available. If one is bored with Microsoft, they can shift to enjoy the privileges and the pride that comes with Apple. Also, apple can be good for long-term use because of its reliability.

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