Compare and contrast the U.S. and England’s Procedural safeguards provided individual citiz


Compare and contrast the U.S. and England’s Procedural safeguards provided individual citizens 


Procedural safeguards for the protection of rights by legal process are the form of protection of rights. Though the function and the purpose of the latest legal oriented, procedural safeguards and also constitutional share the common historical origins and basic principles of the constitutional government, that is the procedural safeguards. A genuine judicial process and also the judicial review process is key towards the effectiveness of the procedural guarantees. Procedural safeguards are the form of protection of the human rights. The right of legal protection in the law is made by three levels of classification, could be divided towards the right of physical security and also forms of the protection and procedural safeguards. Right of physical security, in regard to the principles of specific rights provided to the people with direct interests, like social welfare, legal assistance and other related rights of the vulnerable groups safeguards. Right form of the protection is applicable rules of law for defining and protecting the interests of all the stakeholders, like Civil law system of the property rights, freedom of the contract principles. These provisions and principles are applicable to each and every members of the society with the similar conditions, even if those who have zero money, and people who have the similar license code form provided by the freedom of contract. Even if there is no ability for paying to people and who have not achieved this freedom. The right towards the procedural safeguards are by the individuals, groups, government interaction in between the procedural regulation. Particularly towards the individual or group interaction process in between Government and regulation for protect the legitimate interests of the individuals or groups.