Company View

Company View

Smarttech technology ltd is a private company that deals with technology service. Some services that’s company offers are, Smarttech Technology limited provide specialized technology-oriented solutions by combining the functions and processes of networks, software, hardware, telecommunications and electronics.

The mission of the company is to implement a program aimed at increasing media literacy and enhance simple technology access and usage in United States. The company is a private company that is legally registered. It operates in line with the pursuit American ideals of rule-of-law, democracy, inclusivity and good governance.

STAKEHOLDERS include: Investors and shareholders, Regulators Customers, Communities, Media, Employees, and Suppliers.

Budget summary

Total company Assets: Smarttech Technology operations generated $727 billion in the economy in the year to March, equivalent to 5.25 percent of USA GDP.

Total expenses:

Income includes; Sales, Rental Income, Referral Fees Income, and interest income earnings, the actual and budget cost are as follows

Expenses includes; Salaries and wages for all workers, Advertising Expenses, Rent paid, Commission paid, Transportation Expenses, Repairs and Maintenance and Material charges.