Company Overview

Company Overview

The Australian Hardware was established in the year 1921 while using the name Percy’s Home Goods. The name was changed in 1952 and in 1982 the firm became a public company when it was floated in the Stock Exchange of Australia. Percy Greenwright family is the major shareholder of the company with Holden Greenwright as the CEO and chairperson of the board of directors. It operates about 138 stores across the country with more than 1000 employees. The main products of the company include timber, hardwares, outdoor, hardware, tools, paint, and garden. Australian hardware remains a competitively priced firm and offers high-quality and innovative products.

Continuous Improvement Methodologies

Total Quality Management

The best continuous improvement methodology for Australian Hardware is the Total Management Quality because it focuses in different areas of the company to boost efficiency and effectiveness. The main principles that will help enhance efficiency includes customer focus, leadership, process approach, involvement of people, continual improvement, systems approach to management, supplier focus, and process approach. Customer focus entails the need for Australian company to be aware of customer requirements and often satisfy them. Leadership is about creating effective leadership of the company to ensure that it creates unity of purpose among all stakeholders. Such leadership also promotes the involvement of people to ensure that there is an appropriate interaction between people and systems in the company. The organization should be treated as a system that has interrelated set of activities which links the internal and external environment of the organization.

Decision Making Tools: Root Cause Analysis

Encouraging Participation

Building Ownership and Work Culture

Impact of Continuous Improvement Measures

Communications to Stakeholders

Knowledge Management and Information Flow

Sustainability and Sustainability Objectives

Performance Management

Legislative Compliance