Letter of Advice


COM 200 Interpersonal CommunicationInstructor:


Dear Jack and Molly,

I would like to congratulate each of you on the auspicious day of your engagement!I am so excited that I have been asked to share my knowledge on Interpersonal Communication as I have learnt in my course.Communication is the cornerstone of marriage and this letter will try to explain the reasons behind this.It will help you guys to understand and obviate the problems and develop strategies for interpersonal conflicts ,undertstanding each other emotionally and increase your emotional intelligence to have a perfect relationship.

I am delighted to share the tools that I even have learned throughout my course. Communication may be a talent that nobody is ideal at, however everybody will learn useful ways to speak a lot of it effectively which is that the key a life-long happy wedding.

We tend to be extraordinarily communicative creatures; quite presumably, one in every of the best characteristics of associate individual’s life is social communication. Our communication vogue will have an effect on our overall happiness. There is an excellent deal of misunderstandings regarding social communication. Developing a solid self-perception and understanding the theories of social communication is required so as to speak effectively. It is additionally essential to spot an approach to a way to affect the conflicts in an exceedingly positive way, which may enhance communication in each relationship.

We shall recognize however words have the facility to make and have an effect on attitudes, behavior, and perception:

Words have an implausible quantity of power. At times, we are also unaware regarding the facility that words will wear ourselves moreover with the individuals in America. The ways in which we say things are even more important than the messages being sent. Words offer encouragement and might even ease pain, however they can even be weapons which will harm a relationship. There are trigger words which will contribute to associate individual’s mood, angle and behavior. in line with Sole, K. (2011), “some words are called trigger words, words that have such sturdy connotations that they trigger a direct emotional response in you”. for instance,when my fiancée can use words like “uptight” which typically produce an argument. It is necessary to settle on your words fastidiously and to additionally think about however others could comprehend the which means behind them. By victimization completely different words like “anxious” instead of of “uptight” will facilitate to avoid associate argument.

Words will typically have a spread of meanings looking on the individual. Some individuals might not take offence to a specific word however others could notice it inapproiate. in line with Turner, D. (1989), “Words will hit more durable than fists, and also the scars of unkind words will last a lifetime”. Unkind and hurtful words will cause verbal abuse which will destroy a relationship. in line with Sole, K. (2011), “A word isn’t a factor, however merely a symbol; and symbols don’t have an equivalent aiming to everyone”. Our thoughts and feelings manufacture the words that we are saying which may give an honest or dangerous result.

so as to avoid dangerous word selections, we tend to should perceive that words do hurt and learning a way to select acceptable words ar necessary. Sole, K. (2011) states, “Having an oversized vocabulary offers you a lot of word selections, therefore you’ll be able to use the foremost correct and most acceptable language potential once you send social communication messages”. An oversized vocabulary is required so as to be ready to select the simplest word potential once you are involved any form of speech communication. once you ar ready to select words a lot of effectively, it will facilitate avoid future conflicts which will cause harmful consequences.

Identify the barriers to effective social interactions:

Effective communication will typically be troublesome because of barriers. Communication difficulties will disturb a relationship or maybe cause it to diminish. in line with Sole, K. (2011), “Three common communication issues in relationships stem from the subsequent behaviors of 1 or each parties: (1) silence or refusing to communicate; (2) placative, which suggests to appease or calm somebody by being nice or by giving in to demands; and (3) taking part in games”. These actions will harm a wedding and stop healthy communication from occurring. These walls will interfere with communication and cause it to become unsuccessful. Fischer, K., & Hart, T. (1995) states, “You tell much regarding UN agency you’re and the way you’re once you share your feelings than once you supply solely your thoughts–which is why you are feeling more naked and uncomfortable once you do, however if your feelings are received with all respect and cared for, you are feeling great”. It is very important to find out methods so as overcome these kinds of barriers that in order that healthy communication may be achieved.

The silence treatment or refusing to speak may be harmful to social relationships. in line with the words of Sole, K. (2011), “People most typically resort to silence after they are angry and/or hurt, after they are unable to speak their feelings, or after they wish to penalize their partner”. once a personal refuses to speak, issues are possibly to stay unsettled and might cause one or two to become rancorous toward each other. Discovering ways that to open the door to communication and to find out to debate considerations is important in an exceedingly relationship. Being silent and pretense that nothing is wrong doesnot resolve conflicts and can solely build matters worse.

so as to “break the silence”, it will facilitate to approach your partner in an exceedingly non-threatening calm manner. You will be able to begin by speech say one thing like, “I grasp that you simply are upset, will we tend to please organize a while to speak regarding it?” occasionally, one partner might not want talking and can entirely ignore the case. Sole, K. (2011) states, “If the opposite party is unwilling to debate the problem, you would possibly strive once more when a while has passed or build a press release like, “I would adore to take a seat down and bring up what happened whenever you’re able to do therefore