Communication is one of the most basic features and characteristics of human beings that make them understand each other and


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Communication is one of the most basic features and characteristics of human beings that make them understand each other and be in a coordinated manner of life. The most basic definition of communication is the exchange or passing of messages, thoughts, or information either by writing, speech, signals, or behavior. This means that communication does not just happen through verbal means but also happens through non-verbal means. Communication is important for easy understanding of what people within the same geographical environment need, it addresses major issues within the society and binds people together. This paper, therefore, discusses the major ways communication is of importance to human beings and how this importance is brought out through the interactions of human beings.

The three main types of communication include verbal, non-verbal, and visual. Verbal communication has to do with word of the mouth. In this specific kind of communication, individuals express their ideas feelings, and thoughts using words of language learning. Sometimes written communication is usually referred to as a type of verbal communication. Therefore it means that verbal communication has one basic characteristic and that it the use of the only language to express what is being expressed. Therefore oral communication and written communication define this type of communication. This is the most obvious method of communication.

The other type of communication is non-verbal communication. This is whereby there is the use of non-verbal cues and non-verbal methods of communication. This type of communication can be combined with words or written forms of communication, however most of the time it is used on its own. It is the most used form of communication in the world. This is because unlike words written or orally pronounced feelings and emotions can be expressed through non-verbal communication. Therefore for example when speaking with a person they do not necessarily listen to the words but they focus on the non-verbal because non-verbal communication can tell them what exactly you are feeling about a certain issue or point. The common types are facial expressions, eye contact, silence, proximity, gestures, touch, and personal appearance among others.

The other type of communication is referred to as visual communication. This type of communication most of the time does not involve human beings directly communicating to the other but involves the use of things like posters and signboards and others which are for the organization of life and society through the understanding of the message they pass. Some of the common types of visual communication include flags, traffic lights among others. Of the three types of communication, I prefer non-verbal communication the most. This is because by understanding nonverbal communication it is not easy for a person to lie about what they feel about something and therefore having the correct knowledge helps in making the right decisions and choices.

Self-concept is the idea of self from the beliefs one has about themselves. For example, if I believe I am kind I will try to display this virtue through the way I speak and act towards other people. Therefore having a positive self-concept helps a person express themselves more positively to the outside world using the various forms of communication. I believe I am kind, therefore this self-concept has been moulding how I speak and communicate with the people around me positively. Therefore through the way, I communicate my self-concept has been amplified and it is forming part of me.

I believe that kindness is a universal quality and therefore through my different means of communication most of which are non-verbal I have been able to realize how the quality of being kind affects the people around me positively. However, every person exists within a culture and on my side, I have been able to interact with different people from different cultures; this has given me a clearer understanding of my self-concept in face of other cultures other than my own and the result comes out the same- that it is a universally positive quality.

Language is a system of communication with words structured in a specific manner and principles of language use conventionally agreed upon. My main language is English and in addition to non-verbal communication, language has been of importance in expressing my values. One of the benefits of using the English language specifically is that the English language has many speakers and reaching a large number of individuals is easy. Even though the language is good it can also affect our lives, careers, and other aspects of our lives negatively. For example, the troublesome language used by some individuals can affect relationships and other aspects of human life. Troublesome language is the language used negatively maybe to bring division or strife. Some individuals expressed how I was pretending to be a good person and therefore this made my desire for kindness to proceed wither.

In conclusion communication and language are very essential in our daily lives. Therefore using competent communication can enhance one’s life to a great extent. For example, preaching about kindness while showing examples through non-verbal communication like assisting the needy can be of great help to me and the campaign.


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