Communication and YOU

Communication and YOU

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Discussion: Communication and YOU

Nonverbal communication helps us to express who we really are. Our identities, which include our cultures, our interests and hobbies, and the groups we belong to, are conveyed verbally by utilizing how we establish our working and living spaces (proxemics), our voices, tones and accents, our clothes, and how we carry ourselves. However, some nonverbal behaviors, such as height, are not under our control (Burgoon et al., 2021). People get an impression concerning who we are from our physical bodies. Nevertheless, we have substantial control over several nonverbal communication aspects concerning how people communicate their identities.

Sometimes I ask myself whether I am conveying the image I desire. Considering the projection of my desired image, my level of attractiveness conveys the image I desire because I get multiple credits on the same. Also, I have the height I desire. I did not wish to be very tall or very short. My medium height contributes to positive proxemics, which results in many comfortable close associations with friends.

Additionally, every person I come across comments about my eye contact usually. I do not shy away, and like the image, I project as it is my desire. However, I sometimes feel I do not convey the image I desire. For instance, some people fail to interpret the meanings of my kinesics, such as facial expressions and body movements. Some may view my firm eye contact as disrespectful.

I think I can present and carry myself through eye contact, haptics, kinesics, tone of voice, and posture alteration to my advantage. For example, by altering these nonverbal cues, I can present myself as distant or warm as per the context (Morgan et al., 2017). Also, I can pay substantial attention to what the other person is saying to become a helpful listener. In addition, I think I can maintain comfortable eye contact by avoiding staring.

In conclusion, nonverbal communication is significant in expressing our identities. People have much control over several nonverbal communication aspects related to how people communicate their identities. I usually convey my desired image through my attractiveness, eye contact, and medium height. I think I can present and carry myself through nonverbal cues such as eye contact and posture alteration to my advantage. Therefore, I will ensure presenting myself using various nonverbal cues alterations to employ skills that will advantage me in communicating effectively.


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