Communication and Sexual Behavior





Communication and Sexual Behavior

Communication with one’s partner on sex-related matters is normally challenging, yet it is the main contributor to having an affair and eventually breakups and divorce. The challenges faced by couples when communicating on sex-related matters is sexual communication, it involve a degree of risk whereby by talking about it we become vulnerable to criticism, judgment and even rejection. In addition, the society today sex is not a topic for conversation and the words to describe it are associated with negative attitudes such as sexist or negative attitudes. To counter these challenges, the couples should share their sexual experiences and their parent’s attitude towards sex and should ask each other open-ended question that will help an individual share all relevant information on any particular belief.


Pregnancy is the period in which a baby develops inside the woman’s womb; it normally lasts up to 40 weeks. The symptoms associated with this period include the absence of periods, breast changes, and mood swings. The 1st trimester is from week1-12 here the body undergoes various changes because of hormonal change, which can trigger the symptoms in the first week. During this period, various changes are witnessed including, the absence of periods, extreme tiredness, swollen and tender breasts, mood swings, headache, heartburn, frequent urination, constipation and upset stomach with or without vomiting. As the body changes the woman may change some of her routines, and luckily, the discomfort disappears as the pregnancy progresses.


Contraception also known as birth control, is any device or method used to avoid pregnancy example, injectable contraceptives, condoms, emergency contraception, diaphragm, withdrawal and the cervical cap. The discussion will be on the cervical cap, which is made of latex where a woman puts spermicide, and it is placed in the vagina and onto the cervix, suction keeps it in position to prevent sperms from entering the uterus. When used correctly only 9% of the women are at a risk of pregnancy, advantages include, it is small and easy to carry, the other partner does not have to know it is being used and will work for a long time. However, it has some limitation such as, may interrupt sex, latex may irritate the woman, can slip out if placed accidentally and the cap must be fitted by a physician.

Contraception and Sexual Health

One topic that is found interesting is the sexually transmitted diseases, which are a collection of diseases contracted through a similar way that entails contact of body fluids such as semen, vaginal fluids, blood (serum or plasma). The reason for this topic being interesting it is that it makes people away from the diseases they can contact when they have sexual intercourse with several partners. The topic applies in the real-life concept because most people who are involved with several partners who suffer from this infections and cannot come out because of the prejudice hey can get to people can be able to seek treatment and learn of how to prevent themselves from this illness.