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Commentary – Fahrenhype 9/11

The documentary Fahrenhype 9/11 is a reaction to Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. It was written and directed by Alan Peterson in collaboration with other notables such as Dick Morris. The documentary presents a devastating case which is ironical but obvious for the producer, and that is the hatred for America. The documentary focuses on the controversies of Fahrenheit 9/11 as the title suggests and therefore have not deviated from the topic. Various people have been interviewed in the documentary, although Moore’s case has dominated the film. The documentary opens up in a classroom that is based in Florida, where a black woman is interviewed, and she deposes various myths to him and then proceeding to get more commentary from other people. In one of the comments, a person claims that Bush stayed in the classroom for 5 minutes and not seven as Moore had declared. The individual proceeds to question Moore’s ability to grasp the entire image claiming that if a person can’t get the little details, it would then be questionable for his ability as well to capture the larger picture.

The documentary as well has covered a little segment of the pantograph article that entails Moore’s dismissal for his dishonesty as he has never apologized for the dishonest editing that he used, dismissing the claim as a mere typo and going ahead to claim that he had committed no wrong. The documentary then proceeds from Iraq to Saudi for Osama’s case. The film goes ahead and explains the connection between Bush and the Carlyle group to Osama, discussing various conspiracy theories that had been brought forth by Moore in his film Fahrenheit 9/11.

The documentary is a make of various interviews for people of different backgrounds that range from the common men such as the man on the streets to more liberal individuals such as Ann Coulter to whom has been covered for a very little time. The documentary had several facts such as, Clinton’s chief of staff is depicted as an advisor to the Carlyle group that was involved in Osama’s case in Saudi. That is not all as the advisor has been stated to have invested personal financial interests in the group. The documentary as well shows the footages of the past presidents of America in a period of 45 years to which they had special meetings with the Saudi’s nationals, a fact that had been outlined in the Fahrenheit 9/11 film, that showed the pictures of President Bush and the Saudis. Other presidents as well have been revealed such as John F. Kennedy, Reagan, Ford, and Carter and therefore, Moore wasn’t so much wrong after all.

Some more time is spent in the discussion of Clinton’s failures on the terror war, telling how they had reliable intelligence in 1999 that the OBL was going to be in a quandary in less than five days. Despite this, Clinton called off air strike. Bush on the other side is blamed equally for the 9/11 as it happened under his watch thereby deserving to carry the blame on the attack. On the overall, the movie has been fairly done and has been a response to a patriotic America as it provides enough evidence for an ordinary citizen to make their judgment as it exposes Moore’s deceit while at the same time produces vices by various presidents such as President Bush contributing to insecurity in the US.


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