Attention Getter- Phones, Phones Everyone got one!

Alexus RobinsonJune 20, 2019

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Attention Getter- Phones, Phones Everyone got one!

Preview of Main Ideas- Now in days, you can’t go anywhere without seeing a person without a phone in their possession. we use them every day and every moment of the day. We use them for communicating with other via talking, video chatting, texting, and especially social media. We use phone so much that we barely even must think for ourselves now… what will we be missing if we didn’t use our phone or even have a phone.

Thesis- We can be so happier without a phone, Now we need a phone for everything we do.

Main point one- The more we are on our phone run into a lot of missing moments of our lives. Back in the day before phone you must remember someone number by heart in order to get in or keep in contact with them. now if the battery goes dead then you have no way to get in touch with anyone except for 911.

People use to rely on paper map to travel for on locate to another. Not GPS for direction. When people took or takes picture it was those very special moment when family and friend got together after not seeing each other over a long period of time. However, we feel like it important to show someone what they are eating for lunch or dinner.

Main Point Two-Less stress worrying about who text or who hasn’t text in 24hrs. Learn how to communicate with other via in person. Possible write a letter to a family member or distance friend. Explore the world around us.

Main Point Three-Trying to find that special individual in your life has gotten to the point of not needing to get a deeper connecting with you. People are judging you by your profile/looks, except for not your personality. They rather text you all day then to meet up with you face to face or meet develop new friends the old fashion way. Got to create new memories and ideas.

Conclusion-Life simpler without excessive usage of phone.