Assignment Instructions

Assignment Instructions –

1. Go to OWL @ Purdue (Links to an external site.). (Anytime the student sees text in red on my Canvas course shell, there is a link to a web article or resource there).

2. Look up “MLA Works Cited Page- Electronic Sources” in the “Table of Contents” on the left hand side of the page.

3. Click on “MLA Works Cited Page- Electronic Sources”

4. Read the information that is there and use it to create a citation for an article accessed through the SOWELA Library Database. See the “Tutorials and Guides” for how to search for articles on Ebscohost or JSTOR. Contact the library for help on accessing databases when off campus.

5. Type the Works Cited entry for your edition into the document file you will submit eventually for the Research Journal grade. Make sure you organize the sources alphabetically. At this stage there will be two citations in the research journal, ZMM and this database article you have identified.

6. Now, go back to the “Table of Contents” and look for “MLA In-text Citations: The Basics.”

7. Click on “MLA In-text Citations: The Basics.”

8. Read the information there and use it to document at least five quotes from the database article that includes data points or particularly interesting information on the line of inquiry you are pursuing in this class.

9. Type the five quotes or data points from the book below the works cited citation for the database article. Include the properly formatted parenthetical citation information as explained on OWL @ Purdue. One thing to remember is database articles come in two formats: HTML and PDF. PDFs will have page numbers and need a parenthetical citation. HTML does not have pages and will not need a parenthetical unless you do not mention the author’s name in the introductory clause.

10. Copy and paste what you have typed on your document into the text box that appears here when you click on the “Submit Assignment” button. Canvas will auto assign an anonymous peer’s submission to you to review as well. Use what you learned to give your peer valid feedback. This is a two part assignment. No feedback on a peer’s submission will result in a zero on this assignment.