Your Assignment #3, due next week, is “A Request to Conduct Research,” and the expectations and criteria for grading are given in the Class Announcements for this week.  In this Conference, I’d like you and your classmates to discuss the following questions, using the readings to guide you as you approach these three questions:

What is the Tentative Topic that you will be researching?  (What, in your experience, is a suitable and important workplace issue that you have noticed and that you wish to research further in an attempt to find a solution?)

Technology plays a massive role in the productivity of an office place. I want to purpose that it would be worth it for my company to upgrade not just their computers, but also their phones. When a computer can be relied upon to not lag behind the speed of the employee we can be at our most technologically proficient. I would purpose an upgrade to the relevant party that we boost the speed of the computers throughout the office, and introduce new smart phones paid for by the company to allow quicker technological communication between employees.

What is the Research Strategy that you are planning to use? (Use two sources: 1) BCE (page 241), the Work Plan For a Report, and 2) A Writer’s Reference (AWR), section on “Researching” for help in answering this question.)

1.Determine Task: A persuasive memo and cost analysis of computer upgrades. Including a follow up of productivity increases cause by the technology upgrade.2.What type of results will I need? Why should I get the research that supports my argument?

3.Analyze the audience: Supervisor – Must be convinced that this is a good idea for the company.

4.Memorandum to Superior

5.Organize a Memo, Gather information,

6.Draft Memo

7.Revise/Review Memo/Sentences



10. Repeat process for productivity report

3. What is your Plan for Writing Your Request To Conduct Research? (BCE, Chapters 4, 5, and 10 will offer some useful guidance here.)

I plan on doing adequate research that actualizes the cost of the upgrades and purposes the productivity increase vs the cost analysis. I believe that by conducting adequate research and purposing it in a memorandum that I can persuade the supervisor to allow the company to update its computers and possibly its smart phones issued to employees.

Adja Koite