Dear Boss Man:

It’s been about a month since I have been working here and I would like to talk to you about how much I believe a website or a blog site might really influence your business in a positive manner. I have been working with websites and blogs for quite some time and I have seen firsthand just how much they can really sky rocket a business’s local representation and reputation. I’ve created a few websites of my own for other local businesses in the area and I would love to have an opportunity to show you what I believe I can do for this company.

Building a responsive website that is desktop, laptop, and mobile friendly is just the first step of building a successful online presence and that takes quite a bit of time to get operational. There is also a fair amount of upkeep work that has to be put into the website once it is created. Creating a web presence is not an easy task, yet the return on investment can be astronomical depending on the amount of work actually put into the website. Last week you spoke about how using internet advertising was a serious waste of company money and how you will never be using google to advertise for your business again. I believe that this avenue can actually be used effectively and that with the right person on the design team that you could make the web into a power house for generating new potential customers and clients.

Creating a web presence that offers a significant return on investment is the whole goal of what I am purposing to you. Now creating this web presence is going to take a considerable amount of work because you can’t just throw a website up and expect to have an instant return. It can take months for your website to even begin to show up in the search engines. It can take even longer to generate loyal viewers and customers on this website. For this reason I urge you to begin the process as soon as possible so that we can start seeing returns on the website as soon as possible.

The first step that I will take is to simply create a website that will represent our company in a positive light. I will put up a basic layout with contact information as well as a brief history of the company, what we do for our customers, and frequently asked questions. Something very simple that will serve the purpose of getting a website up in the short term. The cost for this website will be under $200 initially, and there will be a maintenance fee of about $15-$20 per month.

Creating a basic website will give us a solid base to start being indexed by search engines. The next part of establishing our website will be to create and post new content on the site twice a week. Now this should be fairly easy for us to do as we have two meetings each week and the topics of those meetings are points of interest for customers. We will need someone to turn the topics of these meetings into blog posts where we will automatically begin to show that we have a fresh and new presence on the website. We won’t look like a dusty old website, and search engines will realize this with time which should help us dramatically create new customers.

One of the next steps will be to hire someone to optimize the website for Search engines to read. Optimization of the content is something I have a growing knowledge of and I am sure that I can achieve this on a local level. The next area that we will need to seek more professional help in is with paid advertising and marketing for the website. I do not have enough experience to really be effective at creating web ads that will bring in new customers.

Finally a goal that I would like to see our company make is that we create a local ppresence with Yelp, and Google Reviews. I believe that using these powerful review tools that we can excel as a company and generate more and more new customers who will consider using our business instead of our competitors. I would like to establish a program that encourages customers who come and visit us in store to post an online reviews of our company, and for doing so we can reward them with $15 off of their next order. With time the reviews generated will vastly improve our local web presence and reputation which is the long term goal of creating a website.

I would like to purpose that I put together a small team and start working on this immediately. With time if this begins to prove that it is becomes a valuable asset for the company I would love to see some sort of pay increase for managing the website, however for now I would love to get started on this project and prove my true worth on a project like this. Please consider just how much this could positively affect business for the whole company.


John Morton

Address Line 1

City, State, Zip

(555) 555-5555