Assignment 1 Topical Issues

Assignment 1: Topical Issues

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Assignment 1: Topical Issues

Question 1

The chosen research topic is “Prevention of Postpartum Depression among New Mothers.” I have chosen this topic since postpartum depression is a serious health issue that indiscriminately affects new mothers across the globe and is the leading cause of maternal mortality and morbidity (Lackie et al., 2021). Also, research reveals that postpartum depression affects children even after they grow into adulthood. According to Yu et al. (2021), although antidepressants have been effective in treating postpartum depression, antidepressants have possible negative side effects. As such, it is important to find ways of preventing postpartum depression instead of treating the condition. Identifying applicable ways of preventing postpartum depression will help reduce maternal mortality resulting from this disorder, as well as prevent the adverse effects of postpartum depression on children.

Question 2

One of the questions I need to answer about this topic is the causes of postpartum depression. I wish to uncover the factors contributing to the increasing number of new mothers experiencing postpartum depression. Secondly, I would like to know different ways of preventing postpartum depression. To identify possible solutions to a problem, it is important to first understand the cause of that problem. Therefore, it will be important to understand the causes of postpartum depression among new mothers before seeking ways of preventing this health issue.

Question 3

A qualitative research method would be used to conduct the study. Semi-structured interviews would be conducted among healthcare professionals and new mothers to gather information to address the two questions. Also, archival data methods would be used to collect more data to supplement the data collected using interviews. These research methods would be best since they provide rich data for addressing research questions.


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