Aspects of Social Media Campaign

Aspects About Social Media Campaign

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Aspects of Social Media Campaign

#MyInstagram Logo

It was started in 2013 by accident when artist Palo Devali encouraged fellow photographers and artists to reimagine the logo and share it on the platform. It started to catch users’ attention when Instagram changed their icon, and people did not like it. People from all backgrounds shared their interpretations, granting them an opportunity to get creative and show their love for the platform.


The campaign was created by worldwide cancer for Facebook to encourage survivors to share their personal stories and create awareness by sharing what less is known about the facts and symptoms of breast cancer. It worked because it made a serious topic a light-hearted one by using a playful hashtag.


The FX network created it to promote a dark comedy about a man whose dream is to be a professional clown. They set up a fake profile for chip baskets on linked in. It felt natural and real because it was funny.

We Are Here

A was a campaign for Facebook by AirBnB was used to promote their new app. They had six people live stream their travels through the helmet camera on their platform. It worked because it tapped into the users’ love of adventure and a ton of engagement, including likes, shares, and comments.


This was a campaign for Facebook and Twitter conducted by the British Camp Lidl. They tapped into the relatable experiences of slicing an avocado and not knowing which side the pit will lie. It was used to predict winners if soccer magic and people loved it. It worked because it capitalized on an experience everyone had and new and current events.