Aspects of Family Nurse Practitioner as a Nursing Specialty (2)


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Validity Assessment

In my academic career, I have taken various standardized tests to assess my ability to succeed in college. One such test I have taken is the SAT and ACT. In my viewpoint, these assessment tests are not valid measures of one’s future success. I believe this is the cause as I do not see a direct correlation between the score that one attains and how successful one emerges in the future. I have witnessed people who scored lower on tests becoming successful than people who had high scores in these assessments tests. The fact that one scores high on test do not automatically translate into success because life is not all about academic success. Some people might score low on their assessment tests but this does not mean that they will end up poor and unsuccessful because afterall, there are many paths that a person can follow besides education. People that get low scores in their assessments also have other talents or skills. If put to use, they can use these skills to build wealth and become successful in life.

The scores that made on these assessments tests have little correlation to my success in college. I scored average marks in my assessment tests but I did not emerge as average learner later on in college life. I can say that while I am not at the top of my class, I am doing okay and content with the results that I get. I believe validity is more important than reliability because for any assessment to be valid, it must first be reliable. Validity is all about how accurate a measurement is, while reliability is about how much the results of a given assessment are consistent (Cypress, 253). While both are equally important for assessment, validity is more important than reliability.

The high levels of anxiety in the Beck Anxiety inventory predict anxiety in a person. A measure of 0-7 indicates minimal anxiety, 8-15 mild anxiety. 16-25 moderate anxiety, and 26-63 severe anxiety. The items on the suicide risk assessments sufficiently cover all aspects of suicidal thoughts. With these, it is easy to point out a depressed person. Faith and spirituality function therapeutically on people with suicidal thoughts and help them recover. Faith is helpful as it gives a person a sense of purpose which helps them avoid suicidal thoughts.

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