As a life long enthusiast of public empowerment and charitable projects

Bright Future Association,

1523 California Street,

Los Angeles, California, 2536.

Email: brightfutureassociation@aol.comSeptember 21, 2020.

Mr. Nana Caprio,

Chief Executive Officer,

Carnegie Steel, Inc.

1230 Beverly Avenue,

Los Angeles, California, 2600.

Dear Mrs. Nana,

As a life long enthusiast of public empowerment and charitable projects, I am writing to request financial aid for our upcoming trip to one of the orphanages in Mexico. I believe you are one of the people interested in social well-being, and your humanitarian efforts have been nothing short of greatness.

Your support will mean a lot to my group and the orphanage we are planning to visit. My group and I are also gathering some other donated supplies to help improve the lives of those children. I am hopeful, with your cooperation and support, this project will be one of the greatest to have ever accomplished as we aim to change the lives of these children significantly.

Our group has received several invitations from the orphanage as they are in dire need of essential commodities. Those kids are aged between 5 to 13 years. To my understanding, that age group is very critical, and necessary measures need to put in place to help save the future of those children. They desperately need our help, not to mention countless times they are forced to sleep hungry due to lack of food.

Please, feel free to join our team in our efforts to support the lives of the less fortunate in society. Any assistance from you will be highly appreciated and of great significance to those children. Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

Mr. Don,

Group Chairman.