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Step 1:

Articulate Presenter is a software application that is used to develop Macromedia flash presentations from Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. The articulate presenter adds value to the presentation as it wraps the presentation in a player that include the slide navigation plane, controls, company or project logo and even photos of the presenter in case they are required for presentation. The slideshows can be fully automated through making the settings to be at a single slide speed that is set to default for five seconds per slide through the entire presentation. There are navigation options that enable the user to navigate through the slides in the order they are chosen or to which they exist in the presentation.

The articulate presenter allows for customization whereby the publisher is provided with the freedom to decide the screen elements as well as the navigation tools to make available to the user. Through the articulate presenter, it is also possible to switch the view per slide. The articulate presenter allows for many PowerPoint animations. It allows for the voiceovers recording attachment of files that include videos as well as the hyperlinks attachment. Besides, it is also possible to include learning games and tests that have been made through a separate Articulate Quiz maker application. Through articulate presenter, it is also possible to integrate On-Demand exercises into the presentations.

The articulate Presenter version 09 is one of the software that is used to make the articulate presentation. The link directing the use and components of the articulate presenter Version 09:

General information:

System requirements for the articulate presenter version 09 software.

There are various minimum system requirements that are needed to make an effective application of the articulate presenter version 09 in the creation of presentation content and courseware.

Authoring content:


The CPU is one of the hardware that is an essential part of the hardware. The CPU is required to have a minimum of 500 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher for both the 32-bit or 64-bit CPU. The memory of the hardware should be over 256 MB as most of the works require large memory capacity for the storage of graphics. Besides, the available disk space should be of a minimum of 100 MB for storage. For the display, a screen resolution of 800 x 600 that is 1,024 x 768 or higher is greatly recommended. Another essential component of the hardware is the multimedia whereby a soundcard and microphone are needed to record the narrations if the need for sound arises.


The minimum system requirements include: The operating system should either be Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 or later, 2003, XP SP2 or Vista for the 32-bit or 64-bit. The .NET Runtime should be .NET 2.0. Microsoft PowerPoint is another software that needs to run the articulate presenter version 09. The PowerPoints 2000, PowerPoint 2002 (PowerPoint XP), PowerPoint 2003 or PowerPoint 2007. Adobe flash reader is also needed for the application to run effectively. Adobe flash player version 6.0.79 is recommended.

Backward compatibility

The products of the application articulate presenter version 09 efficiently work with the content developed in previous versions. The previous versions of the articulate presenter version 09 are unable to open the contents that are created by studio version 09.

Viewing content

Adobe flash player version 7 or higher is recommended alongside with one of the following browsers:

Windows browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Firefox 1.x, Google Chrome, Safari 3 and Opera 9.5.

Macintosh browsers such as Firefox 1.x and Safari 3

Linux browser with the Firefox Brower version 1.x

Installing the articulate presenter version 09 into the system involves several steps that include: Downloading the application studio version 09 installer, double-click the studio09.exe to run the installation program. After complete installation of the installer launch the PowerPoint and chose the suitable plan for you. After making a payment plan activate the presenter version 09. Activation of the application is automatic by clicking the serial number and pasting it to the required field and activate the software and registering it after activation.

The studio version 09 has various slide property dialogues that include the slide thumbnail view, change view, level, navigation title, and branching. Besides, dialogues such as lock, presenter, and advance and Audi playlists are also available. The articulate presenter version 09 has various features that are distinct from the rest of the studio. There is a feature for narration that involves recordings, adding annotations and syncing animations. The multimedia and the quizzes feature that involves inserting slides into the presentation. Interactions is another feature that involves setting properties of the application and the player templates that allow for the navigation through the studio version 09. Besides, there are the presentation option as well as the publishing feature.

Step 2:

The country of choice for the presentation is Columbia. When making an articulate presentation, there are various factors that need to be considered to make the presentation effective. Some of the factors include font size and type, consistent backgrounds as well as the use of high-quality images.

Font size and type

When making a presentation it is better to consider that the audience is a distance away from the screen where the presentation is being conducted. To make sure that the audience sees the messages as they are written in the presentation, it is, therefore, necessary to maintain a certain standard that will leave the audience satisfied. It is advisable to use a single sans-serif font like Helvetica and Aerial and at the same time avoid using serif fonts that include the Times New Roman or the Palatino fonts because the fonts are sometimes more difficult to read especially to those who are at a distance.

For the presentation to be well visualized, the font size used in the presentation must not be less than 24 points. The primary reason as to why a large font size is used is to make sure that all the characters of a sentence or name within the power point are visible even to people who are at a far distance. Creating a PowerPoint with lower fonts may leave the audience straining to visualize the characters and therefore may not be able to read the words as they are presented making them have the wrong implication. It is also essential to use similar fonts for all the headings and maintaining the same fonts for the rest of the body. Different font sizes and use of bold should be used in the captions as well as the subheadings.

It is also advisable not to use more than four fonts in one publication, the use of italicized fonts is not encouraged as the fonts are difficult to read quickly and they may leave the audience straining to get the word. Long sentences should not be used as well as abbreviations and acronyms. Do not use caps in the presentation except for the titles. For the bullet points, it is advisable to use the 6 x 6 rule whereby a single thought per line is represented by six words and no more than six lines per slide. It is advisable to use dark texts on the light background to make the presentation visible to the audience even from a distance.

Consistent backgrounds

Good presentations are characterized by consistent backgrounds and this has an implication of reducing distractions to the audience during the presentation. It is advisable to limit the number of colors that are used on a single screen. Using multiple colors may seem decorative to your side but it is a distraction to the audience and as well tend to interfere with the visibility of the texts within the presentations. Bright colors tend to make the small objects and thin lines stand out but at the same time vibrant colors are difficult to read when projected on the screen and therefore vibrant colors should not be used in the presentation. In the event of making a chart, it is advisable not to use more than four colors in one chart as this may seem like a decoration and therefore may interfere with the audience perceptions and understanding.

Designs and graphical images

High-quality images should be used in the presentation to make it more appealing and therefore have the impact of persuading the audience. The design templates should be used to make the presentation more attractive, standardized positions styles and colors should as well be used in the presentation. Colors that contrast and compliment the topic should be used in the slides and also avoid using too many slides in the presentation as the audience may lose focus and end up getting lost in the process of presentation. It is therefore commendable that a short presentation that involves minimal lines and minimal words in a sentence encourage the audience to be attentive and therefore the main objective of the presentation, which includes passing information is achieved. During the process of designing the presentation, it is advisable that the number of transitions is greatly reduced and the use of a single transitional effect is emphasized so that the audience know what to expect. Use of multiple images in a single slide is discouraged and the use of one or two images is emphasized while at the same time making the images visible and of the same size to make the presentation more appealing.